My Favorite Blogs

Eryns blog

My sister has her own blog! She write on home, health, fitness and any other fun little topics that pop into her head. She is energetic and honest when it comes to life and family. I  enjoy her posts because she keeps thing light and funny as she grows and learns with her adorable family of four. Visit her blog here: Blond Minded brunette


Denison Ridge

I have to give a shout out to my mother as well! She is what got my sister and I inspired to enter the blogging world. Although specific to weddings, her blog is still fun and inspiring. Side note: This is where my husband and I got married. It was our wedding that inspired them to turn their beautiful 20 acres into a wedding venue. Visit her blog here: Denison Ridge Weddings and Events


Christy Wright

Christy Wright writes on many topics but its her kind and faithful heart that draws me to her page. She is very encouraging and personable and her topics are on everyday life things. Its her approach to problems and how she solves them that I find so refreshing. Visit her webpage here: Christy Wright – Business Coach – Speaker – Writer


I follow the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan and blogs like Gwwn’s Nest

Gwen's Nest

And A Home With Purpose!

A Home With Purpos

That offer free recipes, inspiring life stories and eternal encouragement as they raise their families and try to be the best they can be! I have learned, and continue to learn a lot from these women and the many stories they share.

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