My Baby Shower Project.

I love events! LOVE them! Its a chance to dress up, get out and visit with friends and family. This Saturday will be a busy day. I have a baby shower to attend at 1:30 and then a wedding of a cousin at 5! Thank goodness the locations are close together or this could be difficult.

The baby shower is for a close friend who is so kind and deserving of everything wonderful! I am happy to have the chance to bless her and this new little baby. Because she is special I wanted to make something extra neat. Something that would stand out from the rest of the gifts at the shower.

I headed to pinterest for some cute and simple DIY boy clothing ideas. We all know that there isn’t much cute and stylish clothing options for baby boys but I was determined to find something, and something I did!


The woman who wrote this tutorial did a wonderful job! I am in awe at its simplicity and cuteness! She explains how to sew everything from the straps, to the bow,  and how to apply the snaps. A great tutorial!

I wanted to make a few of them so I went to Walmart and bought two packs of white onesies. One was size 3-9 months and the other was 12 months. I would have bought newborn but babies never stay in those for long.

I also bought ribbon for the suspenders. Since I was making a total of eight onesies I didn’t want to cut, sew and iron 16 individual suspender straps. Plus the ribbon was colorful and cute and my son, Eli, enjoyed picking them out with me.


Next I headed over to Joann’s for the metal parts to the suspenders. I searched high and low at Walmart but never found any. I also got the snap pack from Joann’s as well. I was excited to work with the snaps as I never have before. These are used to attach the bow tie. Yes, they are interchangeable!

I waited for a lazy afternoon and began cutting, pinning and sewing the ribbon on. It was a little tedious. Its the same thing over and over again for each onesie but I was enjoying a Netflix show while sewing. Gotta love Netflix!

It was difficult to pin the ribbon on as I kept catching the back of the onesie so I put my ruler up inside and had no more issues. Sewing the ribbon on was a little tricky since the back is still on the onesie. It was a little difficult to maneuver around all the material but got the hang of it after about the third one.

11043216_10203661045918846_2691123890891487635_n 1511107_10203661046238854_4023208390808138870_n 11057809_10203661046638864_2054750526951774857_n

It was easy work and the outcome is so stinkin cute. I really enjoyed making them and probably will again.


A closer look???


The bow tie tutorial was so simple! I got those done within an hour and they were the last and final piece to finishing off the overload if cuteness.

Which bow tie would you choose to go with which color? That is for you to decide!

11041815_10203661029998448_8154833454891515050_n 11052518_10203661031398483_1759944027924730821_n 11044588_10203661031838494_2936449342826270579_n 10408546_10203661030958472_832647284379804625_n

I also cut out a little fleece blanket with frilly ends. I love giving these out at baby showers, as I often do. They are simple, require no sewing, they are cute and oh so soft! You can also make them as big or small as you want.


My projects are all wrapped up in a cute little bag waiting to be oooed and awwed over. I wish I knew of this tutorial for my boys. I would have totally done it for them!

Next I have to find something to wear to both events. Its spring here in the northwest and you never know what weather to expect. If the sun is shining and the weather report of the day says it will stay that way, I plan to wear this!

11056576_10203662629838443_4358893616945192814_n 10169227_10203662629358431_8589834814212065683_n

Cute, simple and will fit at both events. My only problem is I have no shoes that go with this… Looks like a little shopping trip might be in order 😉

If its on the cold side I will wear this with a cute jacket.

11060249_10203662628958421_8080173976981027168_n 1743496_10203662628758416_2690110959369277759_n

Again, cute, simple and comfortable. Looking forward to Saturday!

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