So Much Going On!

I have so much to catch you up on! The weather was amazing last week! I was working on projects each and ever day! I will eventually catch you up on them and show you how I completed a bunch of Pinterest ideas, but for now I need to clean my house.

I was working all week outside so I didn’t get a single toilet scrubbed or a bathroom floor mopped. I only did the essentials like dishes and laundry with a few ten minute vacuuming sessions in between.

Do I feel ashamed?

Absolutely not!

My house is usually very clean and my outside projects, well I just couldn’t put them on the back burner! A house can always be cleaned but nice weather and children that cooperate are hard to come by.

Today I am doing some much needed Spring cleaning! I have been working on that a little this week. I went through the kids clothes, pulling the summer stuff out, I started a goodwill pile and a list of a few more summer clothes our two boys will be needing soon.

I have wiped down the window shades and washed all the windows, thank goodness I don’t have many. This isn’t just for spring but my son Danny’s fourth birthday is three weeks away! We didn’t get to have a party for him last year as his birthday was the day we moved in to our new house. I am trying to make up for that this year! It’s So hard to believe my husband and I have a four year old now! He is constantly reminding me how grown up he is. Like with this picture he drew all by himself!

unnamed (2)

Can you tell what it is? Its a chicken! He drew an apple and banana after that and each was so good you could make out the picture with no problem. We seem to have an artist on our hands! Got to love the doodle pad as well. I remember those things as I was a kid. They defiantly inspire creativity!

Well I am off to clean bathrooms and mop a few floors. I also need to clean out the fridge and oven, do some more laundry and go though all of my summer clothes. The day is filled with things to do and I couldn’t be happier! I love a good project even if it is cleaning.

To make it even more fun I turn up my music and lite a few of my wonderful smelling candles. Nothing makes you clean harder, faster and better than good music and sweet scents.

Happy Monday all! I will catch you up on my projects soon! I have some wonderful things to show you so stay tuned!!!