Mothers Day Weekend Recap


WOW! What a weekend. It was a lot busier than I expected with my little brothers birthday and my husband working all weekend (not by his choice, trust me).

Still we made it through and now its Monday. Aww, Monday. I am learning to love you but you don’t make it easy.

I do have a beautiful mothers day card and some pink roses (I love pink) sitting atop my kitchen sink at this very moment! And some leftover dinner in the fridge. My husband made me ‘on plan’ chili last night and it was sooooo delicious!

Even with the beautiful dinner I kinda fell off the wagon with my eating. Yeah, I was doing so good after my THM Weekend Menu Challenge, but I wanted to celebrate Mothers Day with extra fatty S treats and I so enjoy drinking wine in the evenings with my husband.

When I fall off the wagon I have a set of guidelines I follow, so I guess I don’t completely fall off? I allow myself to eat any and all THM approved foods but nothing else. I mix my E and S meals creating¬†crossovers. I know I go over my carb count as well but I am okay with this.

I know I have gained a couple pounds but honestly it comes off much faster than when I don’t eat sugar laden foods. Also, I don’t have to detox from it in the following days. Sugar detox is not fun!

What I will do is simply begin again this Monday morning by separating my S and E meals and making sure I get my workouts and water in.

It will take me to the end of the week to lose the weight but the awesome part of this is I still feel great this morning! No food hangover, no icky feelings, no bloat. Just a little weight that will fall off in the coming days.

There was a time I didn’t offer myself this freedom and even though it was okay, its funner to let lose and not have the guilt every once in a while. It really doesn’t happen often.

My advice is if you splurge, stick to the THM approved foods. Don’t dig into sugar. There are so many yummy substitutes that you can sink your teeth into! Eat a little extra, have a few crossovers, enjoy a couple extra pieces of the fatty S desserts and then get back on schedule the next day! Its that easy!