Looking To The New Year – 2015

As I sit back and look at the sun gleaming off the snow….

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I am filled with a new hope. A brand new year is before us and I cant wait to step into 2015 and fill the empty days with love and laughter.

I love the feeling of new and exciting! I love the feeling of starting over again fresh, clean, with purpose and more wisdom than before.

This past year has been quite the struggle for our little family. The struggles not being in our family but around it, still shaking and rattling us with things we had no control over. I am proud to say our family has stood strong through the chaos and all of that credit is attributed to our Lord Jesus Christ. It was through Him we found the strength and encouragement to push on. We have been so blessed and I can not wait to see what God has in store for our future!

As I look out our windows I see a beautiful spring filled with backyard gardening and planting. I see the boys running to and fro in the yard laughing, playing and stretching their winter legs.

I see summer bbq’s with close family and friends. Birthday parties with yummy food and activities as a family to fill the long summer days. I see morning swim lessons and evening walks around our neighborhood as our two boys follow us on their bike and tricycle.

I see an excited little boy who begins his first year of kindergarten in the fall! I see a younger brother growing and learning along side his brother.

I see a winter full of white beauty and handmade snowmen. I see another amazing Christmas season filled with more love and laughter.

Come what may this new year, we will always be joy filled, grateful, loved, blessed and hopeful.

2015 will be wonderful regardless because we will make it so. Our hopes and dreams are a reality and as we push toward those new goals we will grow as a family. It will be beautiful, joyful and, at times, hard, but so worth it!

Blessings my friends. May your new year be filled with many blessings 🙂