My life as of late is pure chaos! I have a million things going at a time and its is hard to stay focused on one task. I start one and then my two month old starts crying so that leads to a diaper change and a bottle feeding and then my toddler is reminding me its lunch time. By the time lunch is over I completely lose track of were I was in my task and I lose the gusto I had to finish it. So I started the tried and true list system.

Building a list not only keeps me on track it also takes the stress out of my week. Once I have things planed out and I know I will get to important tasks by the end of the long week I let my self relax. I take one item off the list at a time and before I know it… Ta da! I’m done! I wont let my self worry or stress about the next day. I may add to that list but those tasks and the importance that goes with them are saved for that day.

I am easily overwhelmed and prone to stress. This added stress turns into a waterfall effect that passes to my children and then to my husband when he gets home from a long days work. I don’t want to live this way. It goes beyond my list system. I want to live fuller happier days.

If the past few years of stress and heartache have taught me anything its that God is in control and will bring me and my family through any and every situation. Just when I thought things literally couldn’t get any worse God proved to me that He was in the midst of everything working it out and teaching me how to respond and work through the situations. My husband and I’s relationship never once faltered. We grew closer through it all. It is amazing how much closer we have grown. We learned a lot about each other. What drives us as individuals and how our differences benefit our union. We learned a lot about God and who He is. How through trials like ours, God still wants us to find joy and peace in every situation. Not to stress or wonder how we will get through it because He has promised to see us through everything.

My New Years Resolution is to find more joy in each day. To leave the stress behind knowing I am doing everything as accurately as possible. The rest, I leave up to Him.

2 thoughts on “Lists

  1. My sweet Lesly,
    You and Dustin have done remarkable considering all that has been thrown at you, and at such a young age! Both of you have a better than great attitude (we all have relapses, lol) and you remind me of the energizer bunny… just keep going, and going. What is most amazing to me is that you have not grown bitter and angry, which is easier to do. You have chosen to trust what God has said and move forward, always pressing on. What an inspiration to all of us.
    I love you both so much,
    mom : )

  2. Wow mama you make me cry 🙂 In a good way. Thank you and daddy both for all your encouragement and help. We couldn’t have done what we have without you.

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