Life With Two Kids!

I was scared to have two kids. I knew I wanted at least two, Danny needed a buddy, but one was hard enough to keep track of! Little did I know how easy it was having only one child… But to be quite honest its easier in some ways having two!

When I found out at the beginning of 2013 we were going to be having baby #2 by the end of the year I was excited, and scared. Our first son was almost 3 years old by that point and I knew if we were going to have more babies now was the perfect time.

The part that had me a little worried was losing the freedom I felt I was just getting back in my life. As my son got older it was easier to take him places. We could communicate with our jabbering toddler because he was growing up.

One of the tough things about only having one child is I am (being a stay at home mother) the number one source of his entertainment. He has to be in the same room as me and if I some how managed to sneak away, it wasn’t long before I started hearing “mama!” That is of course a little frustrating 🙁 Restroom trips just aren’t the same when a little toddler wants to watch. And I’d better not shut the door or we are going to have one major freak out session!

Its truly amazing what a year can do for a toddler. He is almost four now and even though he still likes to always know and ask what I am doing hes not as interested in my potty breaks as he use to be. I can now shut the door and pee in peace with him standing at the door asking me questions about this or that. That’s the only peace I get… If really need a moment alone I tell him to go check on his brother…

Yes the birth of little brother Eli has made a huge change in our lives but it has been, without a doubt, one for the better. I am no longer just Danny’s or Eli’s source of entertainment they do a pretty good job at keeping each other busy. Every day Eli grows up the busier they become. Of course Danny isn’t all that gentle yet so I am always keeping my eye on them, but they are growing together and becoming good friends. I love how Danny can just walk into a room, pretend to sword fight, and have Eli burst into a string of laughter. I, on the other hand, have to work a little harder to get Eli to laugh. I love when Eli is crying Danny takes it upon himself to try and sooth his little brother by handing him a toy or saying “shh, its okay Ewy.” Because that is how he says his name. It melts my heart every time and I make sure to tell Danny what a good big brother he is.

For me the second child is a little easier because I have more experience this time. Things that use to scare me I am now well versed in, thanks to big brother Danny. I have learned to let go a little more knowing everything doesn’t need to be perfect. Also, I have come to realized that my baby will survive his bit-of-tears on the floor while I finish putting the dishes away and/or change out the laundry. His big brother, after all, is always close by so neither one feels alone.

I absolutely love my two children and, having two children. I feel so blessed to be able to raise and watch these boys grow up. They bring so much joy into me and my husbands life. We wouldn’t change a thing!

Being a mother is hard but worth all the stress and tears. When you have a good moment it makes all the hard stuff disappear. Me and my husband have grown into better, husband and wife, mother and father, sister and brother,and better friend’s because of our beautiful children. They really do make you grow up. Growing up isn’t bad. How can learning, growing, becoming a wiser, better person be bad?

Our children push us to be better in every aspects of our lives. Without them we wouldn’t be at the place we are today. Getting out of debt, owning our own beautiful new home. I am decorating and creating our home around our children. I feel so proud of every picture I hang up and every task I get done knowing we are bettering our lives and most importantly, our children’s.

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Brothers & Best Friends, Forever…