My Kitchen Window

I have a very tall kitchen window. I love it! But with my kitchen cabinets so close on either side its difficult to put up a curtain without blocking my view.

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Then why put up a curtain you ask? In the summer afternoons the sun shines directly through it. If I’m standing there doing dishes, I am blinded, and if you are sitting in the living room trying to enjoy a movie, the sun is in your eyes. Very annoying!

My goal with this curtain is to block as little of the window as possible. I love looking into the backyard to see the kids playing or trying to imagine my next backyard project.

So where do you go to get ideas to be inspired?! Pinterest of course! Here are some of the ideas I pinned under My Kitchen Window.


I have always loved the phrase “You Are My Sunshine.” It reminds me of when I was a little girl sitting on my grandparents swing, singing that very song with my grandma and older sister. Such lovely, wonderful, warming memories. (Sigh). Behind the sign I would hang a blind.

But if I were to hang a blind I wouldn’t be able to have glass shelves…


Which I thought were pretty cool! I could put little flower pots on them and if I placed it high enough it wouldn’t be in my way.

I also liked the look of the burlap…


I think it would sufficiently block the sun and while doing so, I could still see out of it! The only issue is my kitchen is very modern. I wonder if the burlap would look out of place…

This idea is a great! I could find a really modern pattern and it would roll completely up and out of my way.


I could hang this behind the “You Are My Sunshine” sign or, I could hang it behind a curtain barrier such as this…


So as you can see I have to many ideas! Now that I have a collaboration I will show my husband, who will probably have a few good ideas of his own, and then I can come up with a plan of attack!

I love doing things on my own so if I can DIY it, I totally will 😉 This will be fun!

Once I know what I will be doing I’ll let you in on it. I hope to have it done soon as the sun is going to get brighter and stronger the more we get into summer. As usual, stay tuned!