Jumpin Jammies!

What do you wear to bed? Probably pajamas right? Take a gander at your pj’s and let me ask you this. Are they a bit worn? Are they a bit frumpy? Are they your absolute favorite? Do they look like your absolute favorite?

Why am I talking about your pj’s? Well, last year my husband made a comment on mine. He was wondering why I never wore anything other than jammy pants and his t-shirts. “Well, their comfortable.” That was my first response. Then he was like, okay, and let the subject drop.

It made me think… Maybe I could wear something a little nicer? His t-shirts are to big for me and my jammy pants… umm, okay I could wear something a lot nicer. I resembled a lost homeless girl when I got under the sheets at night! That was never my intention but I realized I could look less frumpy and sleep in comfort and style without much effort. It was time to update my pj’s.

Guilt free shopping anyone? I think so!

I have two growing boys at home so I am not going to walk around in revealing lingerie. There are so many cute and comfortable things out there its really not a difficult find.

Clearly my husband likes me to look nice and truth be told, I love looking nice for him. Its like those posts you see on tips for your marriage:

“Don’t stop dating your spouse.”

In other words, once you get married don’t use that as an excuse to let yourself go. You may be like me, doing it unintentionally, so let’s use this as a reminder to continue being that the spunky, beautiful, caring woman your husband married. Let’s not lose that girl.

This is not only for his sake but for yours! Every woman wants to feel beautiful. To feel that way, it helps to dress that way. Its a simple truth. Am I right? Yes I am…

Now we all have those days, the really tough ones where we are worn out and exhausted, barely making it into bed at night. That is okay, we all have days like this! Just don’t let that be every single night.

Look good for your man so you both have that constant, healthy, good relationship. When you feel beautiful, you act fun and flirty which can lead to other things if you catch my drift 😉

Update your jammy drawer girls! Look for other areas that you can apply the same ideas too. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort, be extremely seductive, or buy anything you don’t want. Its about feeling beautiful and comfortable for you and your man!

I have to say I love my pajamas now and I also love the looks I get from him when he sees a bit of skin through the design of the pj’s not the hole in them. Yep!

Spending money on yourself is a good thing. Feeling beautiful is an awesome thing. Now go get some new pj’s!