It All Started With A Walk.


The other morning I woke up in a complete slump. I was so caught up in feeling pregnant, tired, sore and I was (and still am) sick of waiting for little baby to arrive! It was a rough morning to say the least. There wasn’t much I wanted to do yet I felt like I needed to do something! Anything to get out of the horrible mood I was in.

Whenever moods like this arise it always makes me feel better to get out of the house and focus on other things. Even driving down to the coffee shop and soaking up the happy mood from the barista or watching a couple holding hands walking down main street. Getting my mind off me and on to other things always helps.

My son was desperately wanting to go for a walk so I finally gave in and thought “what the heck! It sure cant hurt.” So off we went! Almost immediately my mood began to change. Passing all the beautiful autumn decorated houses and seeing the trees with their bright colors of orange, yellow and red made me smile. What a beautiful day!


To beautiful to waist mopping about! Life continues on no matter my mood and I want to enjoy everyday I am blessed with. In hailing the smells of wood burning stoves and drying leaves was so refreshing! I began think of other ways to stay positive and productive when we arrived home. I opened up the garage to sweep it out and then decided id better vacuum out my car for when we bring baby home. There are always crumbs of fishy crackers on, under and around Danny’s car seat. It felt great to have a clean garage and car!

Next was cleaning out the fridge and figuring out what to have for dinner! Dinner these days are on my list of things I wish I could skip. I got it figured out though and the day ended a lot better than it started. Thanks to a little walk around the neighborhood and the beauty of fall!

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