Induce Me?

I had my 40 week doctors appointment yesterday. I am actually 40 weeks plus 5 days, but who’s counting? It went the same as my last three appointments. I’m 50% effaced and only 1 cm dilated. Even with the contractions that have been growing stronger and at times waking me up at night, nothing has changed. I am almost in tears after each visit to the office.

The nurses look shocked to see me yesterday. That doesn’t help my nerves. I don’t know what baby Eli is waiting for but he has until next Friday (exactly one week) or I will be induced. The good news is my favorite doctor comes back from vacation on Monday (hes going to be shocked to see me too) so at least I will have him to deliver, if I make it to Monday that is.

Here is what next week looks like for me. Call in Monday, if I haven’t had baby, to schedule an appointment that day with my returning doctor. Tuesday I go in to have a NST test. That stands for non-stress test. They check baby’s heart beat and a few other things. I really don’t know what the test entails only that they strap a couple belts on me for about 20 minutes to monitor baby. Friday I will be induced.

The good news is next week I will for sure be holding our brand new baby boy and the bad news is I may have to wait a week and be induced.

After hearing all this news and feeling a little blue I decided I needed to do a little more shopping. Yeah, this overdue baby is reeking havoc on our checking account. Last week was postpartum clothes shopping at Old Navy, this week was a couple more stores.

I went shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond for my friends wedding shower coming up and I ran into these cute fluffy pink zebra print slippers! Ahh! I had to have a pair! The only down side to them is there are have grippies on the bottom. No sliding across the floor for me. I also needed a pair of tweezers. I decided to stick with the color pink 😉 I like pink! Nothing like new slippers and perfectly plucked eyebrows to make me feel like a new woman!


I also picked up a new purse… I have been searching for months and I finally found one at Target.


It feels like swede and totally matches my boots! I was excited!

Next I went to a baby store and finally found a baby sleepsack! I have been looking for one of these because its so snugly and warm! It was %50 off too, I had to get it! The little vest is for Christmas time. I need to find one for big brother Danny now to match!


The shopping did make me feel a little better but all-in-all I am still nervous to get induced. It was not something I thought would need to happen and now that its being talked about, well it just has me surprised.

Why is this happening with my second baby when my first was so easy? What is it that makes a body know when to start labor? I have been asking myself as well as others these questions. There are no answers and its pretty frustrating.

I know I still have a week to go and I could very easily go into labor on my own in that time. I have been waiting so long now that I want to mentally prepare in case I do need to be induced.

I am tired of my weekly doctor visits and having my cervix checked every single time is just not fun. I have a toddler that is 3 and 1/2. I know he will not remember my appointments but I still feel a little self conscious having him in there when I get checked. Usually I will find a babysitter but that is just one more thing to try and work out.

The prospect of being induced Friday isn’t so bad. I am looking forward to the next stage of life to begin. We have been waiting so long and even though I don’t want to be induced, I am ready if that is what it takes to get baby out of my tummy and into my arms.