I Thought I Was Ready…

I thought I was ready to start dieting. I was actually working on a post yesterday about how ready I was to begin losing weight and counting calories. Yea… it took two today’s of dieting to change my mind. I woke up this morning after starving myself yesterday and gained weight. I have been so cranky the last couple days. I don’t want to be like that. I also don’t want to stave myself either. I have done it before and the more I deny my body food the more it seems to rebel. Its hard to find the balance and after a few attempts and many tears later, it finally starts to work.

I went to my sisters house today. She has just recently had a baby as well and is struggling to lose the baby pounds. It was refreshing to know I wasn’t alone. Its hard right now around the holidays to diet. We both discussed it (because we often diet together) and we will be trying to maintain our weight until January begins. Its just not worth the struggle and crankiness to attempt dieting right now.

We also discussed a new way to begin losing weight. Its a new book that is all the rave! Maybe you have heard of it? Trim Healthy Mama. Many women love this new diet. Actually they don’t even call it dieting because they say they are never hungry and yet the pounds seem to fall off. What has me so interested is that these women say they don’t starve to lose weight.

I know a couple people who have began this new way of eating and they started seeing results right away. They also mention how they never feel deprived of food. Sounds to good to be true right? Well you cant lose weight without a little change.

These two sisters, the ones that wrote the book, use some substitutes but most of them are healthy and easy to come by. Along with the substitutes they explain foods that should not be mixed or eaten together. How adding protein to certain recipes can help cancel out the sugar in them. Now I am not doing this book justice I am sure. I am purchasing it soon and will have a lot more information on it once its read.

The book is full of not only explaining how to eat but of recipes to help make it happen. I am more than ready to try it. If I can lose weight without starving myself and my family can happily eat and partake of the meals I’ll be making, I say its worth a try!

My goal is to purchase the book, read through it, purchase the items I will need to make it happen and begin in January. I must stay I am very excited! Until then I will be continuing my yoga sessions and try to enjoy the Christmas season as best I can!

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  1. Awesome! I’m just learning the new recipes and they do taste really good. I really do not ever feel hungry. I miss my coffee drink but I know they have substitutes that are supposed to taste good. So much to try… : )

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