Hospital Stay

Our hospital stay lasted two whole days. It was a bitter sweet experience. Once baby Eli was born all we wanted to do was go home. Its always nerve racking going home with a brand new baby. When you don’t have experienced nurses around to ask probing questions it can be a little scary. This being me and my husbands second child, we felt more prepared and wanted to head home that much sooner. Due to some small issues we were asked to stay an extra night. Only wanting to do what was best for baby Eli, we consented.

We expected our stay to be more comfortable than it was three years ago when our first son was born because the labor and delivery rooms have been newly remolded! The bummer part was they were still in the middle of their remodel so only half their floor was operational. We were told before we settled down for the night that because they were short on rooms, we would have to be moved to a different floor. Dustin wouldn’t get the big comfortable couch to sleep on and our room was going to shrink four sizes.

Here is the room we moved out of…

new hospital room

Beautiful isn’t it?! And this is the room we moved into…

11-14-13 051 11-14-13 054

Like I said. Total bummer. The only good part of the move was the nurses on the upper floor were more helpful. I needed this as Eli was having a hard time coughing up all the fluid in his lungs. He kept choking and had me very worried. The nurse said it was because he was delivered so fast. Apparently when they are delivered that quickly they don’t get a chance to have all the fluid squeezed from their lungs. It wasn’t until late that night that Eli seemed to breath normal.

The first night was pretty rough. Eli had me up every two hours and the bed I was in was so uncomfortable. Though I really cant complain… This is what my husband slept on…


It folds out into a bed. A very uncomfortable lumpy bed. Poor guy 🙁

I was trying to nurse Eli at first with not much success. Hes little tongue kept getting in the way so I asked for a nipple shield that helped him get a better grip. It also helped me work around his tongue that seemed glued to the roof of his mouth. The nurses would come in every few hours to take Eli and my vitals. Thank goodness they always waited till he was awake. The nurses on the upper floor were fantastic!

Once we made it through the night the morning brought in the pediatrician for Eli, my doctor, who came back from vacation THAT morning, and a bunch of new nurses as well. It was great seeing my doctor. He is very thurow and answered a few questions we had.

I also took a shower that morning. I was so glad that I packed extra clothes and shower items! I felt like a new woman after I was all cleaned and in some comfortable clothes. I was also glad I packed a few snacks from home. My body likes regular and normal so having snacks that I am use to eating was nice. Every day that passed by I began to feel a little more like myself.

We also had a few more visitors that day. The most important one being big brother Danny! As a surprise I bought him some of his favorite candy!

11-14-13 032

He was a little nervous walking into the hospital room. We showed him little brother Eli and he looked confused. I showed him my tummy was empty because Eli was finally born. Danny walked up and touched my tummy and said “Eli’s all gone!” It was pretty cute!

We tried to get Danny to hold him but he was so nervous he really didn’t want to. Danny decided to share a sucker with him instead 😉

11-14-13 029

Danny started handing out all his suckers. Good thing I bought a bag full of them!

It was a short visit and it was really hard to watch Danny leave. I wanted our little family to be together. I kept telling myself we would all be home soon. Danny gave Dustin and I kisses and headed back out with Grandma and Grandpa and his aunt and uncle.

Aunt Emily told me later that Danny was talking about how much he missed mommy, daddy and baby Eli. That brought tears to my eyes! It always feels wonderful to be missed!

We made it through our last night and headed home. Walking from the room to the car made me feel a little dizzy. The car ride wasn’t that great either but we were finally headed home and that was all that mattered!

I also had a surprise for Danny when we got home. I pulled out a rocket ship that had been sitting in his closet from his great grandparents. Its made of cardboard that you piece together and then you color all over it! Danny was thrilled as you can see…

11-14-13 074 11-14-13 073

It kept him busy the whole first week we were home until it finally fell apart. Cardboard and duck tape only hold up for so long. Its still in pieces on my floor. I cant bring myself to throw it out yet because he still colors on all the broken pieces. I think we’ll keep it a bit longer 😉

Eli is now two weeks old! Time really does fly with a newborn!


We are adjusting well and seem to be finding a new normal. Its definitely a challenge having two children. Going places is double the trouble but I cant stay home all the time so we make sure to have the essentials and never stay out long. We usually have some one like dad or grandma to help us out, just till I get things down a little better. Stay tuned, I’m sure I will have some really funny stories to share with you as times goes by 😉

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  1. LOl, I love the “what Dustin (daddy) got to sleep in” VS what you had to sleep in. Love the picture of Danny giving Eli a sucker too. Sweet memories!! : )

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