Hope Chest Memories.

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This is my hope chest. My mother, the wise woman that she is, made sure I had one before I left home. I keep my most important memories in here. Recently instead of a chest of memories, it was becoming a junk drawer. The lid would no longer shut so today I went through it. What a pleasant walk down memory lane. And lucky you, I’m gonna share a few 😉 memories that is!

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This me and Dustin’s engagement photo from the night he proposed. I was so excited to find this!

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Another photo near and dear to our hearts is this one. Without these two women high school just wouldn’t have been the same. On the far left was our high school mentor and administrator and on the far right was is our amazing teacher, you will never find a person more creative or full of life.

8-13-13 008

This photo is from our honeymoon in Hawaii! We were at a luau when this pictures was taken. If ever in Hawaii you must attend a luau! I will never forget our 10 day trip to paradise.

Next is a few letters I kept. Okay so its a lot of letters! They range back to when Dustin and I dated, to graduation. It has my wedding shower cards and all our wedding day cards. Also all of my baby shower cards and Danny’s birthday cards! Yes I have them all. Three bags full…

8-13-13 020

I went through each and everyone. They are all special but I was obviously running out of room so I kept the ones that I couldn’t part with and got it down to one bag!

8-13-13 025

I organized them into sections to keep better track. I don’t know the next time I will read through them but they are something of our past. Documentation of our accomplishments written by people we love and respect.

One thing I was shocked to find was this tiny note. I it wrote the night my Grandpa passed away. I don’t remember writing it but everything else about that night is still very vivid in my memory.

8-13-13 036

I was 16 years old. My Grandpa was a very special person whom I still miss today.

On a lighter note I went through all the letters Dustin and I have written to each other over the years. Reading some of them brought tears to my eyes. Nothing brings memories and feelings back like a love letter. I organized them into this…

8-13-13 030

“So you always remember just how much I love you!” It says. I have letters I wrote to him and visa versa. The encouragement and love written on those pages will forever be cherished. They deserved a place of their own.

Which brings me to the project I will be working on soon. Our bedroom! I just bought red paint and will be picking out curtains soon! I want our bedroom to be centered around Dustin and I. It will be a quite and relaxing atmosphere where we can go to collect our thoughts and reminisce. I am implementing our wedding colors and will be hanging photos of our favorite memories shared together.

There is much more kept in the safety of my little wooden box but not all memories are meant to be shared. I would encourage you to keep a safe place for your special things. Its amazing what you can forget. Its even more amazing how seeing a picture or note can bring those lost memories back.

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