Hard Seasons

It’s easy to forget when going through a hard season the stress and tole it takes on my mind and body.

hard seasons2

When these hard times hit they come out of nowhere. They shock and surprise and instantly effect my mind, body and day to day activity.

Can you relate?

Going from a season of relaxation to one of difficulty changes things but I try my hardest not to let effect my life.

I try and fit what I normally do in a day in with the chaos that has just ensued. This chaos may not effect what I do in that day, but effects my mind and how it operates. It effects my energy, my excitement, and over all mood. Its draining thinking on a situation, how to fix it, how to change it, what you should have done, why its happening… All these things play over and over again and its exhausting to say the least.

When disaster strikes we are not suppose to stop everything we are doing, that’s not what I am saying. What I am mean is be realistic with how it is effecting you and be gracious with yourself.

Others friends may be full steam ahead in business, plans, goals or life in general and there you are, paddling your hardest trying so hard to keep up. Not wanting to get left behind.

Friends, I know this feeling all to well. That is when God comes to my rescue and sends angles like Sandie Krakowski to post something like this:


When you go through hard seasons in life, sometimes, MAINTAINING where you are is the most POWERFUL thing you can do. #StayBrave You don’t always have to grow and expand. Through difficult seasons, STAND TALL and hold things together. That’s incredible! #BeMore

While reading this I broke into tears. I knew this was a loving message from God above telling me, “You, sweet Lesly, are doing enough.”

To hear that from the God of the universe, to feel Him tough my soul and speak to the heaviness on my heart… Beautiful.

Pushing myself always drives me to madness. My temper gets short, my days get long, the joy is stolen all because I am pushing myself harder than I should and why? Is there not enough to learn just by watching and teaching my children? By being a wife? A friend? A daughter of God?

Maybe you didn’t get your to-do list done but that doesn’t mean you were not productive. It doesn’t mean you didn’t learn and grow in some way.

So when you find yourself in a hard season remember its okay, perhaps even best, to slow down and maintain speed for a time. Maybe there is something else God is trying to teach you. Keep moving forward yes! But know your mind and body can only handle so much stress. It does effect you, as much as we don’t want it too. Seek God, as for help, direction and peace. Ask Him to show you the way.

Its hard putting dreams and ambitions on the back burner but sometimes there is something we need to learn before moving forward. Remember, God only teaches us what is in our best interest. Trust His divine wisdom because He knows the future.

Quotes that come to mind are:

  • Sometimes we forget to forgive the most important person, ourselves. – Rochelle Griffin
  • Just because you took longer than others doesn’t mean you failed. – Unknown
  • Be gentle with yourself, you are doing the best you can. – Unknown