Halloween 2014!

Yes! I really do like to plan a head. I am also really excited for this Halloween because I have promised we WILL be going trick-or-treating! I have not been since I was little and our son who is four years old has never been.

Gasp! Your son who is four has never been?!

That is correct.

First of all, we have never lived in a good neighborhood until last year, and I was nine months pregnant then, I was not going to walk my huge belly around our neighborhood in search of candy. Β It just didn’t sound fun. It didn’t help that my husband told me to dress up as a peach, a big, round, peach. I had a orange/pinkish looking shirt and whenever I wore it he called me peaches. It was kind of cute, and then, not…. When your pregnant it can be hard to find humor in things. As soon as he told me to go as a peach I knew I would not be going at all. So, its his fault.

Never the less, Danny had a blast handing out candy for two straight hours last year. This year we will have our good friends and family over to trick-or-treat first and then we will hand candy out for the rest of the night.

Right now I am trying to think of how I should dress the kids up. I am having to much fun with that πŸ˜‰

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The first picture would be perfect for my little 10 month old! The second would be perfect as a brother set! And the third, I know my son Danny would love! I of course I want my eldest son to pick his own costume but I am going to give him a few choices πŸ˜‰ (there are links attached to the pictures).

Now if my husband and I are invited to any parties I thought these would be fun…

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I just know the Grease costumes would be my husbands favorite!

Next is how to decorate my house! The possibilities are quite endless…. Muhahahaha