When you get bored with THM – Part 2

I did a post the other day, you can read it here, on why I have become somewhat bored with THM. Let me explain that a little. I have been on this plan for two and a half years, that is the longest I have EVER stayed with an eating plan. The first year was all about learning the plan, finding foods and recipes that I liked and working them into my busy life. Fast forward to current day and I have been eating those same foods without experimenting or trying to many new THM recipes.

For example; my breakfasts always consist of eggs, be those eggs with bacon or just a sprinkle of cheese. My fuel pull snacks have been the same two to three things for that amount of time as well.

I need to expand my pallet. I have been consuming the same meals for to long and now I am bored. I gotta change it up! I gotta find new recipes to love and add to my diet!

I am not stuck in this rut because there is limited options, quite the contrary. There are hundreds of recipes I have not tired! I have gotten a bit lazy and need to expand my horizons. I need to break out of this food coma I am in and try new and exciting THM recipes because there is soooo many delicious options out there!

Question of the day; How am I going to do this?

I am going to try a new recipe every day for the month of June! The pressure is on people!

How I plan to keep you involved is simple, I will post a picture of the food I make and share with you on my Facebook page. I’ll tell you where it came from, my Pinterest board or one of the THM cookbooks, and what I think about it.

If you don’t know that much about THM then you can follow along and learn about the foods we eat and how to separate and create S, E and FP meals. You’ll get to see the yumminess we THM’s can enjoy while losing or maintaining weight.

If you want to participate share your own photos under mine. If you tried something new I wanna see and hear about it! If you made your first THM recipe EVER you’ve got to show me!

If you already know about THM and have been on it for sometime then perhaps I can encourage you to try some new recipes so you don’t get stuck in the same rut as me.

Every Wednesday I’ll have a post up here on my blog about the recipes I have tried, the ones I loved and what I might tweak or change about others.

Are ya with me?


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Blessings Friends!