My First Garden Tale…

I have a wonderful aunt. Actually I have a few wonderful aunts but this one gave me some bulbs to plant at my new house! It’s still spring so I haven’t seen them bloom yet but I’m told they are beautiful!

What, do you ask, is so funny about this? Well I was given these flowers to plant… last fall. These are spring flowers and are suppose to be planted in the fall so they bloom and grow in the spring.

My excuse, though lame, felt like a good one at the time. I was pregnant when I received them in the mail. Very pregnant. And I had absolutely no idea where to plant them! When I finally figured out where I wanted them my mother came over to help. We were all ready but as soon as the shovel hit the dirt, clink! Uhh… the ground was frozen. There was no way we could plant the bulbs.

Now my mother is quite creative. I posses some of her creativity myself but she takes all the credit for this idea. We had to plant them somewhere or they would dry up and die. So, we planted them in my flower pots sitting in the garage. I had thirty or so bulbs sticking out of the flower pots. These pots…

4-1-14 014

Since I had to unstack them it shrunk my garage a considerable amount but hey! They weren’t going to die and I promised to plant them as soon as the ground thawed! Mission accomplished, for now.

Well that aunt all the sudden emailed me about a week ago and said she was coming to see our new house! I was so excited! Then I remembered… I still needed to plant the bulbs!

Another phone call to my mother and she was out within a couple hours to get me started and help watch the kiddos.

4-1-14 012

It was rather fun. I loved getting my hands in my own dirt and creating a flower bed. It has me all excited to get my veggie garden going!

My son Danny is such a great helper! Seriously. If you ever need any help ask this little man and he will do the job. He took all the grass I cut off the top and threw it into a pile for me. He was filthy but he was happy to be helping. Aren’t little boys are suppose to be dirty anyway?

4-1-14 015

We got the bulb’s planted and watered making me ready for my aunt to finally arrive! Once she saw them all planted and happy she was happy.


I kind of want to tell her the story. But at the same time I want more flowers in the future so I feel like its a story I should save for later 😉