For My Trim Healthy Mama Sisters!

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What I was most excited about in this months EZine was the Trim Healthy Mama Naturals they are beginning to sell! I use to order the ‘Orange Silk Hydrating Cream’ from Kit Naturals but do to all the demand for the products, they have teamed up and are now selling the items on the THM web page.

I have just finished my first 2 oz tub of the Orange Silk Hydrating Cream and I love, love, love it!


The picture above is what the tub use to look like, its changed a little since but still holds 2 oz.

Like most of us, I was afraid to try something new on my face. The one thing that made me so nervous is all the oils it contains. You think of oil as a bad thing on your skin, or at least I did. I thought oil of any kind would clog my pores resulting in more pimples but I have learned the right kind of oils make all the difference.

I honestly don’t remember when I ordered my first little tub but I think its been about two months? I still get a few breakouts around a certain time of the month but the cool part about it is the pimples are near the surface of my skin. Rarely do I get those deep painful pimples. My skin is so soft and the smell is just like an orange creamsicle! I smell delicious!

My skin is normal to dry and to be quite honest lots of my pimple problems began to disappear when I started the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating. Before using this cream I used Mary Kay’s Time Wise Normal to Dry Facial Lotion. I liked it because I didn’t really know anything different. There were some mornings when I applied my skin would still feel stretched and dry so I’d have to re-apply.

Now that I am on the THM eating plan I am always looking for more ways use more natural healthy products. After I learned that some friends and family started using the Orange Silk Cream I decided it was my turn to give it a go. I am so glad I did! I thought my skin would go through an adjustment period but it never did. I am so happy with this new cream! It feels soft to the touch, it smells wonderful and it is made of all natural ingredients that work with your skin. As I stated before, my face is so soft!

After my morning shower I apply it to my face and neck. If I am applying make up that day, cause lets face it, being a mother of two I don’t put much on unless we go somewhere, I will take some toilet paper and run it over my eyes, and where ever else I apply to get the oil sitting on top of my skin off. It makes it easier to apply and blend my make-up. That’s it!

The next product I want to try is Kit Clear All-Natural Blemish Treatment. After I have purchased and tried it I will write up a product review to share you all!

Hope you found this helpful! With all the new products Trim Healthy Mama is creating I am so glad to have the EZine to keep me informed and up-to-date on everything THM!