Finding Out With Our Second.

3-8-13 001

My husband and I found out I was pregnant with our second in February 2013. We had been trying for some months so it wasn’t like the shock we got with our first. Still, I did shake a little when I saw that positive plus sign.

I remember buying the test. That in its self is a funny story. I was actually driving into town with my sister. I didn’t want to let anyone know I was getting a pregnancy test so I asked her to stop at the store so I could pick up some lemon extract. See, I make a really amazing lemon loaf! Its really a fantastic dessert with the moist center and the melted powdered sugar topping! Mmm… Sorry, back to the story. Yes I lied to my sister. Do I feel guilty? No. But I told her the truth later so I can’t be called a liar 😛

I get home, but I don’t pee on it right away because, well, it was back in February and I don’t remember. I did pee on it that night while Dustin was in the shower. We only had one bathroom at the time so I didn’t have a choice! I waited till he had his face wash on so he couldn’t peak out of the the shower to give me one of his creepy looks while I peed… Yeah, he does that to me. He knows how much I hate it, I’m sure that has something to do with why he STILL does it. Anyway I pee on the stick, wait the three required minutes and wham! Find out I am preggers with baby number two!

I tell myself I’ll wait till Dustin is sitting on the couch then surprise him! You know like women do in the movies? They are all sneaky and cute about it. I mean I was a little sneaky peeing on it in while he was in the shower and all. I don’t think that’s cute though… As soon as I saw the test, my heart started racing and then I told Dustin. Yes, he was still in the shower. He was so excited! I was scared and excited! His exact words were “Naughty’s pregnant!”

I know your all a little confused so let me enlighten you. Naughty, is my pet name. Now, please don’t over think that. Its not a dirty joke. I honestly can’t tell you why he calls me that. He has for years and probably always will. Even now as I lean over to ask him… “I don’t know, I just liked calling you naughty.” That’s all the man has to say.

So thus started the our second pregnancy!