Oh my goodness! So much cleaning got done the last few days and it feels great! One major item marked off the list was the garage freezer. Though I cant take credit for cleaning it, my wonderful sister Emily did for me. I should have taken pictures, a couple times she actually got in it (its a floor freezer) to scrub the icky’s out! So glad it was her and not me 😉 Now I can fill it with a frozen dinners and meat for when baby is born.

The other item stressing me out was the play pen/bassinet. As I posted before, my son Danny tore the bottom out. Lucky me he tore it on the seam so fixing it wasn’t as hard as I expected. Here is what I had to work with…

9-18-13 007 9-18-13 008

Yea we aren’t talking a little hole, it was pretty much the whole way across the bottom. So here is what I did. I cut a strip of some denim I had laying around. It is strong hardy material and the color wasn’t bad either.

9-18-13 002 9-18-13 010

After I measured it out and cut the strip it was time to hand sew it on. The finished project looked like this…

9-18-13 012 9-18-13 013

Not to bad. It sticks out a bit but it works great and sewing that little strip on saved us about $75 bucks! Yeah, my husband knows I’m amazing 😉 don’t worry.

All fixed and cleaned! It’s now ready for a little baby boy!

9-19-13 002

Just a few more weeks and I’ll have pictures of our little snuggle bug sleeping in it! It feels so awesome to have it done. I didn’t know how much it was weighing on me until I had it completed. Just a couple more things on my list and I am 100% ready! Wahoo!!!