Feeling Blessed.

This morning, as my children woke me up at 6 o’clock, I knew we would be starting a wonderful day together. As my son Danny crawls out of bed and sets all his six or so blankets on the couch, he asks for his juice. Once I get him settled I head in to get baby Eli out of his crib. He’s softly cooing to himself as he does every morning, patiently waiting for me to come get him.

No matter the night we had before he is always all smiles in the morning. Its heart warming and beautiful. There is no other way I want to start my morning. These two boys are amazing. I am blessed.

This morning the sun is shining bright, the boys are in good mood and I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.

As Danny races out to the trampoline, Eli and I step out to breath in the fresh morning air on our porch. Gazing around our backyard I am reminded of all our blessings. We have been through a lot as a family but God has been so good to us. No matter what the struggle, He brings us through and we are always stronger and wiser after it.

Through all the set backs and struggles we have been able, by His grace, to continue moving forward. This beautiful house, in this safe, quite neighborhood, is a testament to that.

As Danny runs around in our huge backyard Eli sits in his walker at the screen door watching his every move. Waiting for the day he can join him.

“Soon little boy” I whisper.

I relish in each and every moment with my beautiful family. Through the good times and the bad, knowing someday I will miss these days. I think back to all the special moments with them. When they were born, when we first brought them home. Such beautiful memories. My heart is full. My cup runneth over.

I am blessed.