Fall At The Birkland’s House.

I absolutely love fall! It is my most beloved season. The air is crisp, the warm coffee and hot cocoa are ever flowing. The smell of pumpkin everything is baking in the oven and the fall scented candles are burning. Trees are turning the colors of yellow and orange much like the scarves I begin to wear around my neck.

The decorations are out. Oh people, the decorations are out! This is the second fall in our new home and I am adding to the seasonal decor with each passing year.

Last year at this time I was still preggers with our youngest who is now 10 months old and walking! Yes, walking! Crazy to think I was sporting a huge belly at this point last year but it was because of that huge belly that little got decorated. I was to busy preparing for baby Eli to think about fall parties and trips to the craft store.

But I am beginning to make up for it! Last night my husband and I went out on a date to the craft store. He’s an awesome guy and loves to take trips with me to places like these. Making our house into a home is a goal we both work together on. Love doing projects with my husband!

Along with purchasing items from the craft store I also like to build and paint. When it comes to wood working I have my handy-dandy huby to help out. He’s got all the tools and experience to get the jobs I Pinterest, done 😉

While on Pinterest I found pumpkins made out of pallets.


I knew that would look great in front of our home, making it look more warm and welcom.

Since the pallets were to flimsy (they broke apart as we tried to unassailable them) we used a few 1X6 boards that were laying around the garage. I layed them out lined them up and traced out the pattern my husband would follow with his hand saw. Like so…

unnamed (4)

The last pattern you see is a ghost. That’s for when Halloween roles around 😉

I had fat, skinny, huge, and averaged sized pumpkins. Gotta have variety.

I did end up using the pallet a little to trace the leaves and steams out on.

unnamed (5) unnamed (6)

There is my man cutting them out for me! Ta-da, the finished product (he makes it look so easy)!

Next I set out a tarp and began spray painting. I wanted a very light coat on the pumpkins so as to still see the grain of wood through it. This gave them a more rustic/worn look.

unnamed (2) unnamed (7)

They were dry within a minute. That is how light I sprayed them. I used two colors of orange for the pumpkin body.

unnamed (8)

The one on the left was used over the whole pumpkin. It was more of a light orange. The second was more of a yellowish orange. I used that in the creases where the boards meet. This added a little definition. Its the slightest difference but it had a big effect.

unnamed (1)

Our competed pumpkins! They turned out perfect and are adorable if you ask me! Next I wrapped some orange ribbon around the two posts and got a finished look.

unnamed (9)picmonkey unnamedpicmonkey

I have a chair and table sitting behind the railing that could use a pop of color. I will purchase some beautiful fall flowers to set on the table. I want to recover the chairs but that will have to wait till next year.

I am so happy with how they turned out. I think it looks warm and welcoming which is how I always want our home to appear.

unnamed (3)