Evenings Like These…

Its evenings like these that make me wish I had a good topic to write about. As the boys are settling down for the night, the sun is starting to set and the house reaches a calm, I wish I could share some important piece with you.

All I can think of, at the moment, is how much I wish my husband was home from work. We’d probably be sitting out on the front porch, windows open so we could listen for the kids, talking about everything and anything. I adore these moments with my husband. When conversation flows and we have each others full attention.


I might have a cool glass of wine in hand, or a warm cup of tea. Probably wine, I am trying to develop the same love for tea my husband has. Its a work in progress…

Its nights like these that remind me of when my sister and I were younger and we would spend the night at my grandparents house. I would hear my grandma ask my grandpa on calm nights like these, “Penny for your thoughts?” To which I never remember my grandpa saying much. But it was her way of saying talk to me, share with me. I am here to listen.

I now ask my husband the same question. I never get much of a response either but its my way of saying, talk to me, share with me. I am here to listen.

What I have learned is you cant prompt a deep response. The situation has to be right. The mind relaxed enough to be in the moment. Its these moments I cherish with my husband. He is a deep thinker and I always love to know what is on his mind, and share what is on mine.

So when next time you are sharing a calm afternoon with someone special don’t be afraid to ask, “Penny for your thoughts?” and see what conversation flows.

That is my little trip down memory lane and tidbit for the night 😉

Happy Sunday all!