How to “Enjoy” December the THM Way!

I love the month of December. I love the Christmas season, the snow (we have none yet), and the heart warming feelings it all brings. But, we all use this cold month as an excuse to eat wrong and quit our workouts. This is a no no. It will make January that much harder to get back into shape!

Don’t do this to yourself.

There is a way to indulge a little, keep a healthy eating plan and enjoy this beautiful month! Here is what I am doing since I feel the need for a break and want to indulge a little too. I am only working out four times a week as opposed to my usual five. I am picking out easier workouts and not hitting it to hard. Anything is better than nothing and I know come January I will still have the muscle memory and strength to get right back into it.

As far as food goes I am a proud Trim Healthy Mama lifer! Don’t know what that is? Click here for my personal explanation. I love this eating plan, I have been on it for close to three year now. It fits so easily into my life! Its a bit of a learning curve at first but once you get it down it is very simple. I can eat sweets yet stay away from sugar and other harmful ingredients without feeling like I am missing out! I have been eating a bit more of these desserts than I really should for happy weight loss or weight maintenance but I don’t feel icky at the end of the day, just a little extra full. I am partaking in the wine a little more than usual but I love the calm nights by the tree, just my husband and me.

There is also the Christmas parties and other holiday get together’s. You need to have fun, there is no reason to feel like your missing out. Just make smart decisions that you won’t regret the next day. I know, easier said than done but when you follow THM it really can be done!

The food is a huge deal! If you don’t feel good, which is what to much sugar can do to you, you wont want to workout, you wont want to put in the extra effort, you will want to save it for January. Stay on track with your eating and all the other stuff will fall into place. That is my advice to you!

I have to give a shout out to my sister. She is a Beachbody coach and hosts challenges every month via FaceBook groups! She is lighthearted, real, encouraging and very serious about her challenges. She will be with you every step of the way, answering any questions you might have, and following up with you and your goals. If you want to join one of these challenges to get back in shape, or to be apart of something new, contact her via FaceBook, she would LOVE to hear from you!

I personally love Beachbody workouts. You can read my fitness journey with them here. In my post I reference using a Beachbody coach other than my sister, that is because she was not yet a coach.

So there you are, lots of fun information to help you stay on track or to get you on track! I don’t make any money mentioning Beachbody or THM. I am sharing with you what I love, how it works for me and how it could benefit you! I am all about helping you feel and be healthy. It has always been a huge part of my life and I want to help and encourage others by sharing my personal stories.

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It doesn’t cost you anything extra it just helps with the maintenance of my blog and I so appreciate it!

I wish you all a beautiful December, a very Merry Christmas and health and happiness as we go into a brand new year!

If you have any questions regarding THM please feel free to ask in the comments area below!