Eli’s Birth Story Part 2

We get into our beautiful big delivery room and the nurse gives me a change of clothes. I know the drill. Change, leave my panties off and make myself comfortable. Well I did two of the three 😉 I didn’t know the nurse would check me so soon. I honestly wasn’t sure I wanted to be checked. What if she said I was barely dilated?! It didn’t matter, she wanted to check me anyway. “Okay” I said, “let me slip off my panties first.” Dustin looked at me and said “You didn’t want to take them off again huh?” Now if you read my son Danny’s Birth Story, you will find this a little funny. I get checked and told I’m a solid 3 cm. Yay! Only 7 left to go 🙁

My mother arrives as the nurse starts my I.V. and Dustin settles in beside me holding my hand through the progressing contractions.

I can do this I keep telling myself. Laying there was bring back all the memories of giving birth to Danny. I wasn’t looking forward to all the things to come. I kept telling myself I could handle it. I did it once after all, I can do it again. But I wasn’t prepared for was how quick and strong the contractions came on. With my first son I had time to prepare. This time I felt like I was right in the middle of labor within the first 3 hours… Little did I know, I was.

The nurse wasn’t very reassuring either. She was new, only having worked there for three months. She was very nice but her being so new made me nervous. As the nurse was checking me in she asked how I wanted to labor. I said naturally. Then I thought id mention the little drug they put in my I.V. last time. I still don’t remember the name of it.

The awesome thing about this little drug is it doesn’t numb the pain. I can still feel and operate everything like normal it just made me feel a little sleepy and helped me relax. Its a drug they can administer every hour because it wears off fast and you can have it until your 6 cm dilated. Every time it wore off I asked for more. I felt like a poker player asking the card dealer to hit me again. I only had the stuff once while in labor with my son Danny. This time I wanted more. I felt so unprepared with how fast my contractions grew. I had a very hard time relaxing. I didn’t want to use the drug over and over again but without it I felt like I’d lose control. I wanted to do this as naturally as possible. I guess I equate natural as not using the epidural. I used this sleepy relaxing drug when I was in labor with both my boys but I still say I labor naturally.

After laying on my back for a while the nurse asked me to move around. Its not good to lay in the same spot for long periods of time. The body needs to circulate. I didn’t want to move. Every time I moved it would bring on a contraction, even if I just had one. So I moved to my side and yep… got hit with a huge contraction. The nursed asked later if I wanted to use the bathroom or walk around. “I can try to use the bathroom” I said. I didn’t feel the need nor did I want to move but for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to try.

I started moving and thus started another contraction… “Ahh! Can’t a woman go pee” I thought. It was frustrating! I moved from laying to sitting. Got a contraction. Then from sitting to standing and got a contraction. “Seriously?! I just want to pee!”

I went in and tried. Honestly, I cant remember if anything came out. I got out of the bathroom and sat on the bed. Sitting made the contractions hurt less. It wasn’t as comfortable as laying but it made it easier and I was all for it. I sat through maybe two contractions and then started feeling the urge to push. It wasn’t very strong but it was there. Walking around must have moved him down a little quicker.  Hmm… I told my mom and husband who then told the nurse who then wanted to check me… Great, I have to move again.

I laid down and yep, there it was waiting for me. It was a long contraction so I got to stare for a while at the nurses gloved hand that was about to check me… “Ahh, that’s going to hurt too” 🙁 She checked me and said I was at 6 cm.

All the sudden that urge to push was to strong to ignore. “Breath” the nurse said. “Try not to push yet.” Uh yeah… That is just not how it works. I can ‘try’ all you want but its not something I can control. I had my mom on one side and my husband on the other… The urge was so strong I WAS pushing. I was trying to breath through them but it doesn’t matter… When the urge is present, there’s no stopping it! The nurse stood there and said if I felt the urge to go with it. I thought I wasn’t suppose to but now she is telling me its okay? This is the total opposite of what the nurse while I was in labor with Danny told me… I know I’m not suppose to push until I reach 10 cm. So I kept trying not to… Again… I can say I tried but there’s really no stopping it.

The nurse left the room for I don’t know what reason. To get the doctor? To get the other nurses? I still don’t know why she left. I know she didn’t think baby was going to come that fast. Well, ha ha, she was wrong.

While I was trying not to push baby was coming out. It finally hit me when I felt babies head crowning. He was crowning and then some. I looked up and saw no nurses or doctor, no one was in the room except me, my husband and mother. Ahh! I looked at my mother and said, well okay, I screamed, “Hes coming out!” This wouldn’t have been so scary if there were help! My mother looks at me and then lifts the blanket and says “Yep! Hes coming out.” I could tell she was trying to stay calm. She didn’t know if She should run into the hall and get someone or stay by my side to help catch baby. Dustin was standing by my side the whole time holding my hand. He was also getting ready to catch the baby! Another contraction and push and I could feel his head was almost completely out.

Just as the next contraction hit a flood of nurses ran in the room, grabbed their gloves and raced over to catch Eli. My nurse wasn’t even the one to catch him. Nope it was a different nurse. It was actually the nurse that worked with my sister three months ago when she delivered baby Tyrion. My mother, who also helped my sister, knew this nurse and felt much better having worked with her. I actually got to meet this nurse when I went in to see my sister and her son after she delivered. I also felt better knowing she was helping.

The funny thing is I wanted to tell that nurse, while I was pushing, that I knew her from helping my sister. I didn’t, but the thought crossed my mind. I think I was just relieved to see an experienced nurse in the room finally. I liked my nurse, but it was clear she didn’t have much experience.

The doctor walked in about a minute or so after Eli was born. Praise God for wonderful knowledgeable nurses who can deliver babies! I got this tiny moment with Eli before they whisked him away.

11-14-13 0191

It scared me when they took him away so fast. I got to hold my son Danny for quite a while before they took him for tests. I thought since they took Eli so soon something was wrong…

I heard him screaming and crying and I kept asking everyone if he was alright! “Yes hes perfect” they kept saying. “Then why cant I hold him?” I asked the question over and over again. I thought they might be lying to me so I wouldn’t get worked up. I searched through the nurses for Dustin who was with Eli and finally made eye contact. “Is he really alright” I asked sobbing? “Yes” Dustin said, “I promise you he is just fine.” It was such a relief to hear but I still wanted to hold my baby!

11-14-13 0141

Eli was born at 10:32 a.m. weighing 8 lbs 1 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. He was beautiful and healthy! Once they were done with their tests Dustin brought a bundled up baby Eli to me and I finally got a good look at him! His eyes were open so I got to look into his baby blues. I was so in love! I had to keep wiping the tears out of my eyes to see him.

11-14-13 0181

I was so glad to have the labor part behind me. I was finally able to hold and see our son! He was absolutely beautiful just like I knew he would be!

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