Eli’s Birth Story Part 1

I was 6 days over my due date. We had a date set for the next week to be induced and I though for sure Eli wasn’t going to come out until he had to. My induction week was all planned out with doctor appointments and a baby stress test was scheduled (because I was over my due date). I looked at the week all drawn out on my calendar and wanted to cry. I have a toddler and all these appointments along with my 3 year old son had me stressed out. This was not how I saw it going and it wasn’t how I wanted it to be. I was tired, I was stressed and I was very, very pregnant. All bad combinations.

It was a Saturday night. I was cleaning my house again in hopes that maybe, just maybe, tonight would be the night. I have to admit I did feel a little different. I felt like my body was preparing for something. The thought that it could actually be tonight got tossed around in my head.

I woke up a couple times with my heart racing in the middle of the night. I told myself to calm down and I tried to go back to sleep. All the sudden I felt a pop. My eyes shot open and my heart started racing again. “Umm… Did my water just break?” I bolted out of bed and ran to the bathroom glancing at the clock on my way by, 1:48 a.m. I got to the bathroom, checked, and I was defiantly leaking!

I was scared and excited. I had been waiting for this moment for 41 weeks! What had me so afraid was knowing what it was going to be like. I knew the struggles I had a head. I kept telling my self to stay calm because this was the day I would meet our son! The day when I would no longer be pregnant and it was all happening without medical help. I walked around the house a little, checked on our sleeping son and then went in to tell my husband my water broke. He looked a little surprised but he was also very calm and happy. I told him to go back to sleep as it would be a while before we’d need to head to the hospital. I grabbed a blanket and my pillow and went to lay on the couch. As I lay there I was thinking I should probably let my mother know my water broke. She, after all, was going to bring my sister over to watch our son and also help me in labor. I text her to let her know.

“There” I thought, “everything is in order. I’ll just lay here and try to sleep until the contractions really start to build.”

By this point I had had a few small contractions. Then all the sudden… OUCH! “Okay, that one hurt.” Caught me a little off guard too. “Their not suppose to hurt like that for a while.” A few other small contractions but most of them were pretty close together. Then… OUCH! Another big contraction. “I may not be able to sleep through this after all.”

I hear my husband move around and he gets out of bed to check on me. I say everything is fine and he really should try and get some rest.

I lay there on the couch and my husband meanders back to bed… I’m trying to get comfortable, to relax. Its hard to do when I have to keep looking at my phone to write down the contraction times. So I move around in the living room to try and find a more comfortable working spot. No success… The contractions were getting stronger at that point and I was wondering why my mother hadn’t text me back. So I text my sister. I asked her to wake mom up and have her check her phone. I wait… still no answer. I was beginning to get frustrated.

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My husband wanders back out and says he cant sleep. So he starts playing ‘the guys.’ That is what our son refers to as Call of Duty on Xbox 360. I figure that’s great. He can start writing down my contraction times as I try to relax.

Dustin looks at the times I have written down so far and says “your contractions are 5 minutes apart?” He looks at me like I should be getting ready to go. “I know but they need to be stronger before we head in, we have more time” I said.

He looked at me a little unsure. At this point the contractions are coming on stronger and harder. I’m starting to cry because I’m getting nervous and they really are beginning to hurt. I keep thinking it cant be time. I have only been contracting for two hours. I don’t want to rush to the hospital. We can wait longer.

My husband continues timing them while I start to squeeze the couch in pain… “Breath” I tell myself, “relax and breath.” They are starting to last longer and then my husband looks at me and says “babe the last three contractions were three minutes apart. You need to call your mom.”

Okay, hes probably right. I pick up my phone to call hoping she answers. I think shes going to say okay that’s exciting let me know when its time to go. She answers, thank goodness, I tell her about my contractions and start crying a little because I get another huge one while I’m on the phone. “Umm… why didn’t you call sooner! You need to go!” She said. Really I think? Its only been two hours since my water broke. “I am headed over with Emily right now. Get your things in the car you need to head out as soon as I get there.”

I hang up and tell my husband who looks relieved someone finally talked some sense into me. He starts packing the car while I try to fix my hair, brush my teeth and change my clothes. As I walk around getting ready I start to think that maybe it is time to go… A contraction starts and I have to lean over the bed and really breath to get through it. My husband walks in and watches me. “Yeah okay, its time to go” I say. He laughs knowingly.

My mother and sister arrive. I give babysitter Emily instructions on what to feed Danny when he wakes up and where everything is. I tell her his favorite movies he will want to take to grandma and grandpas house later and ask her to tell Danny when he wakes up that mommy and daddy love him! It was hard to leave Danny behind. I don’t know how many times I walked in to check on him before we left.

We head out into the cold but I have to wait for a contraction to pass before I can get in the car. It passes and we are on our way! Dustin turns off the music and reaches for my hand. It was nice. I didn’t want to hear anything, I didn’t really want to talk. I just wanted to sit there and concentrate.

It felt like a while before my next contraction hit. I prayed that the car ride wouldn’t slow them down or stop them. I was ready and I didn’t want to be sent back home. Then… OUCH! Okay… its probably not something I need to worry about.

We get to the hospital just as they open the front doors. It was exactly 5:30 a.m. Phew! We made it! We start walking to the hospital and I have to pause for yet another contraction. Dustin asks if I want a wheel chair. He did that when I was in labor with Danny. No babe, I still don’t want a wheel chair 😉

We arrive at Labor and Deliver, check in and get shown to our room. Now, they just remodeled these rooms and they are beautiful! Seriously so big, clean and new! It was comforting to walk into. Once we arrived, things really started progressing…

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