Easter 2015

Easter, I love the season of Easter. I love what it represents, I love the bright beautiful colors and I love having family and friends get together to celebrate!

In honor of Easter and what it really represents (Jesus Christ rising from the dead), Danny and I have been reading the Easter story all week. He now has a firm grasp of the concept and is excited to share the story with people he knows. It is so important for our children to grow up knowing what these holidays truly represent. The concepts seem lost but here, in our home, they will be celebrated for what they truly are.

It is becoming a tradition to have my sister and her son (and soon to add daughter) come over and decorate eggs with us around my kitchen island. We invite our younger siblings to join in on the fun as it can get a bit messy. Any help is much appreciated. We always end up with a few cracked eggs but its all part of the fun!

Here are some pictures from our fun afternoon together:

10306726_10203847058609047_7327671766644318858_n 10360389_10203847059089059_4155271195227234887_n 11031033_10203847058249038_1966922173021131660_n 11040507_10203847056648998_5970073123303259489_n 11150176_10203847057249013_9007497664779570531_n 11146187_10203847057929030_709284803546337547_n

It was a lot of fun! Eli and cousin Tyrion soon found out that if you hit the eggs on the counter the eggs cracked. Naughty babies!

Fast forward to Easter Day!

I was super sick that morning. I have been fighting a sinus infection for days and waking up Sunday morning to a pounding headache was awful! As soon as my eyes popped open I knew we would have to skip church. No way I can get everyone breakfast, dressed and looking extra nice when my head felt like it was going to explode! I was so sad! We have been doing a lot better at getting to church lately and to skip such and important day was just plain sad.

After a long hot shower and some much needed cold meds I was feeling better. I wasn’t going to miss our family lunch! No matter how I was feeling. Danny would have been heart broken if we couldn’t go to Grandpa and Grandmas house!

After getting everyone ready we took a few pictures, you know, just in case something happened between now and arriving at the grandparents…

10924700_10203847261174111_5824213240747940524_n 11127808_10203847260894104_4786107617611227884_n

Easter 2015 005 Easter 2015 004

 Trying to get these two to hold still and smile at the same time was impossible! The bottom right photo is so funny! Danny was trying so hard to be a good big brother by putting his hand around Eli but Eli didn’t want to be touched. He is voicing his annoyance in that picture.

Dustin and I decided to get involved…

10950664_10203847261934130_6181379712930875902_n 11128168_10203847261494119_1807911096920357733_n

All together now!

11017217_10203847262294139_5089651797221179971_n Silly boys!

11146224_10203847262974156_6115210286848179430_n 11146311_10203847263774176_8115453209516748834_n

After a few home pictures we took off to the grandparents house! We got to enjoy Dustins amazing prime rib, Eryn’s ham and cookies, lots of salads, rolls and to end it all we had smores around a camp fire! It was a lovely day!

Easter 2015 013 Easter 2015 010 Easter 2015 015 Easter 2015 022 Easter 2015 035

Love how are little boys are growing up. They are becoming the best of friends which warms my heart. I hope they will forever be close.

Until next Easter, we wish you all well!

Easter 2015 026pm