Due Date

9-19-13 0021

Well our babies due date is here and guess what?! NO BABY! I thought for sure I wouldn’t make it to this date. I was early with my first and the doctors say your second usually comes earlier than that. I put way to much hope in that statement.

Of course it doesn’t help that I am an impatient person. My husband says I am the most impatient person he knows. Its really not that bad. He says he hopes this trait of mine isn’t passed down to our children. Sad news is my first born son is already showing signs of it. I think its only fair. I have to deal with my son having many of my husbands traits.

Back to me not having this baby yet… I have been through so many different emotions the past few weeks. I have been, sad, excited, board, restless and anxious. Feeling anxious was the worst. I could hardly sleep, I would wake up in the mornings feeling depressed that nothing happened and that id have to suffer another day of wishing and hoping id start to feel contractions. Any second now… nope… okay… how bout now… okay… now! That was my day. It doesn’t help that people constantly text me asking if it’s time. Everyone was and is as anxious for me to have this baby as me and my husband are.

To get out of this nasty funk I had to stop focusing on when baby would come and start living for the day. So what did I do? I spent a little money… I’m desperate. Spending the hours at home constantly on repeat was obviously not working. One simple invite from my sister to go shopping was all I needed. Old Navy here we come!

It was a fun morning. I actually ended up buying a few baggy shirts for after baby is born just so I don’t have to feel stuck in my husbands clothes for the postpartum months ahead. My husbands clothes are what I have been living in the last couple months. I wear his sweats, T-shirts and his sweaters. I will change into my maternity clothes if I go out but they are constricting and when the pants stretch up and over my belly it gets a little itchy. I am one for comfort right now. I cant wait, mind you, to wear my own clothes again. Of course I don’t like the baggy homely look that I sport at the moment but its one of the only ways I can feel really, truly comfortable. If you make fun of me you have obviously never been pregnant. So hold your comments until you have experienced a nine (actually 10) month pregnancy.

Another item I treated myself to was Bio-Oil. This oil is said to help minimize scars, stretch marks, even skin ton, help with aging and dehydrated skin. This stuff, used by celebrities, is said to be a miracle oil. I didn’t do anything special after my first son was born. I really don’t have bad stretch marks but with this possibly being our last child and the fact that I am a little older now, I really want to take good care of my body and skin! I will be doing follow up posts on the Bio-oil. Hopefully it will help to shrink the marks. I know the stretch marks will never completely disappear but if it can shrink them, I’ll take it! And if it helps to give younger youthful looking skin, its only another reason to try it. This product is not expensive either. I have read many reviews and the women using it say the 2 oz bottle lasts a long time. Again, I will let you know how it works for me. I may even be brave enough to take some close up before and after photos. Maybe…

After all the new items I bought I re-packed the hospital bag with my new clothes. Even though it adds to the excitement of getting baby out, it also makes me feel a little more prepared. I don’t know what else I can do to stay calm and busy. I’ll just take it one day at a time all the while continuing to pray for patience, peace and a smooth delivery. I need to stay calm knowing that Gods timing is the time I want. It wont be much longer. Soon I will be able to call my husband (if he isn’t with me) and tell him its time. Soon I will be kissing precious baby cheeks and sharing with others that baby Eli is finally here!