DIY Christmas Santa Hats!

I have mentioned this several times but I make a Christmas calendar for friends and family every year. For the month of December I wanted to do a Christmas photo and since its only the first of November, and I don’t have any decor up, I had to get crafty.

I thought it would be nice to take a picture with us all in Santa hats! So I surfed Amazon and found a few for pretty cheap.

I am one of those people who will read the reviews on every item before purchasing and most if not all said the hats either didn’t fit, they fell apart rather fast or that the material looked and felt cheap. I looked at several hats and decided if I paid even five dollars for it I wanted it to be worth it.

There are four in our family, with each hat costing about five dollars, that would be a $20 dollar photo. I just couldn’t do it. These hats will more than likely only be worn for this photo and paying that kind of money for a silly picture just didn’t make sense to me.

Then the bright idea of making them popped into my head! So I headed to Pinterest for a DIY pattern and quickly found this one.

The directions are easy to follow and if you get stuck at any point you can watch their video tutorial which I found very helpful!

I just received a box full of material from my amazing Aunt Goldie who specializes in all things crafts! I was very blessed by her package and quickly dove right in.

Christmas hats 004

I wanted to find material that mimicked our personalities so I chose a penguin print that said ‘just chillin’ for our youngest.

For Danny I picked out a sports print with footballs, baseballs and basketballs all over it. He is very athletic and loves all things sports.

I choose a pretty black material with silver flowers on it for me. Simple and pretty.

For my husband, who is spunky and fun, I choose a checkered print with yellow smiley faces sticking their tongues out. 😛

As I said before the pattern they had has was simple and easy but I had to make a few adjustments only because I used a different kind of material for the headband and decorative white ball on the end.

I’am trying to be more creative with using what I have on hand instead of making several trips to the craft store to use what is demonstrated in a lot of the DIY patterns I find.

So instead of the pretty white fuzzy stuff they used, I used flat batting instead. It was white, fuzzy and soft so I knew I could make it work.

The one change I had to implement was the ball at the end of the hat. If you watch the tutorial you will see how they squeezed it into the hat and sewed up the side.

I over stuffed my balls to make them extra round because again, I didn’t have the super fluffy fuzzy stuff they used.

Squeezing these…

Christmas hats 007

Into this…

Christmas hats 009

And still being able to sew up the side, just wasn’t happening.

So I had to switch things up a bit. I pushed in the tabs, like so…

Christmas hats 011

then stuck the tip of the hat inside, like so…

Christmas hats 012

And did a simple slip stitch to attach it. Like so…

Christmas hats 020

It worked perfect and you cant tell a difference in my opinion.

Here are the completed hats!

unnamed (1)

And here is a picture of my beautiful boys wearing theirs!

unnamed Christmas hats 021

You will just have to wait and see how me and my husband look in ours after we have our family picture taken! I will make sure and update the post once we get those done 🙂