Danny’s Fourth Birthday Party!!!

Just a few days ago we celebrated our oldest sons fourth birthday! We are so proud of the little boy is he becoming. He has such a sweet heart. He wants to learn and has so many questions! When we explain something to him it seems like at that moment it all goes over his head but later, even days later, he will talk about what we were discussing like he completely understood!

He amazes both my husband and I with how well he remembers things.

For example:

He will hear a song on the radio by, Rascal Flatts, title: Life is a Highway.

Danny will then shout out. “CARS! Mom that song is from the movie Cars!”

He takes in everything that surrounds him and even though that can be a little terrifying, I am proud that he is so perceptive and curious.

We have many things to teach Danny and as he ask’s and acts we try our best to explain what is right and wrong. He is learning every single day and Dustin and I our proud of his ever growing/learning mind.

One of Danny’s all time favorite things to do is play outside. So Dustin and I decided the best gift to give him for his fourth birthday was a swing set!

We decided that a wooden one would be best as our kids are young and we want it to last through the ages. The only problem with a wooden one is they are about three to four times the price of a metal one.

But we got a few family members to pitch in so that made it a little easier on the bank account 😉

Dustin, with the help of a good friend, pieced the set together in a couple days. During the party they had a little more help from a Grandpa and an Uncle.

5-25-14 026      5-25-14 052

Finished product!

5-25-14 057

It turned out perfect! Here is Danny enjoying it…

5-25-14 046      1796541_10204030453308198_4692524177596651895_n1

Also, some other people from the party…

5-25-14 043

It was the perfect gift! We couldn’t have done it without the family who helped in purchasing it and our friend that helped put it together!

On to the rest of the party…

It was Avenger themed. This little boy is action and adventure all they way. And even though Spider Man isn’t an official Avenger he is still one of Danny’s favorites so he had a Spider Man cake.



It was delicious but I got way to much! I have some in the freezer and quite a few pieces still in the fridge.

Among some of the other gifts he got was a golf set…

5-25-14 075

A Hulk Action figure and mask…

5-25-14 033 5-25-14 035

And an awesome light up bath toy because his second most favorite thing in the world is bath time!

All in all it was an amazing fun day! The weather was perfect and this little boy was blessed beyond words.

Last but not least we took a family photo. Cant get enough of these as our two little boys grow daily. We are one proud and happy family. Blessed by great friends and a wonderful family!

5-25-14 0661