Danny’s Fifth Birthday Party!

Yes! Our little boy is now five years old! It is still hard for me to grasp this concept, has that much time really passed since his birth? It’s still crazy to think that he will be starting Kindergarten this fall. Our little boy is most definitely growing up and I couldn’t be more proud of the little boy he is becoming.

My heart was full this weekend as we celebrated his fifth birthday! So much love and laughter, close friends and family on an especially beautiful day!

My fear every year is that it could rain and ruin the party. It is in May and spring here in Washington is very unpredictable. We have not had a rainy day on his birthday yet and this day did not disappoint with the temperature reaching a whopping 83 degrees!

That morning started out with me picking up a few last minute things in town then bringing home Starbucks for my husband and I. We needed a boost of energy as we decorated and prepared for the party.

I snapped a few pictures before company began arriving. I love my boys!

10929188_10204050300049956_6056398006444140394_n 10985408_10204050299489942_6912661756872378492_n


People started arriving right on time and headed into the backyard to sit in the shade of our neighbors trees that stretch over the fence. It was incredibly hot to sit in the sun! Our theme was sharks (picked by Danny) and we had shark documentaries playing on the T.V. when people came in. I had shark bait candy sitting out as well as but forgot to grab a picture of it 🙁

I was running around answering the door, making sure people were comfortable when Danny ran up to me and asked if he could get in the pool we set up. “Sure!” I said. I turned back around to visit when all the sudden I heard everyone start to laugh! I turned back around to see a trail of Danny’s clothes and him, stark naked, jumping in the pool! “But mama I don’t want my clothes wet.” That was his excuse. I quickly ran him inside for a swim trunks and we had a little chat about running around butt naked 🙁

After we got that all sorted out the other kids joined in getting soaking wet, but having a marvelous time!

Pool time2 Pool time2

Dustin started up the BBQ and we had cheese burgers (Danny’s favorite) for dinner. I bought three bags of frozen french fries but in the midst of the chaos completely forgot about them (till the next day in fact). It always amazes me how crazy these birthday parties can be! I still cant believe I forgot the fries. We had plenty of food besides, thank goodness!

After dinner we got Danny front and center for the opening of gifts!

Danny's Fifth BDay 004

Danny was so excited that he kept pulling random gifts out of each package! I had to stop him so I could keep track of what people got him. “One at a time” I kept telling him.

Danny's Fifth BDay 006Danny's Fifth BDay 012Danny's Fifth BDay 013Danny's Fifth BDay 014Danny's Fifth BDay 007Danny's Fifth BDay 008

He was one excited and very happy boy! Everyone knew just what to get to make his day!

Dustin and I got him a brand new bike! We took him out for a stroll the next day and he did really well!


Next, as you would guess, was to cut the cake! Quick story: I got on pinterest and asked Danny to pick what kind of shark cake he wanted, since his party was shark themed. He picked this one.


My sister who is amazing with all things cake created the one you see below…

Danny's Fifth BDay 025

Yes, she is amazing and Danny was ecstatic!

Danny cake!1

As the day drew to a close Danny kept telling me how this was his best birthday ever! It made my heart explode with pride 🙂 He felt so blessed, happy and loved. This truly was a special day and I couldn’t be more happy with how it all turned out!