Confessions Of A Crazy Pregnant Person!

Its amazing the things you ‘think’ you need when pregnant. I tend to go a little over board at times. I blame it on the nesting period we pregnant women go through. It seems I’ve been nesting ever since I started my second trimester. Usually it kicks in during the third and final trimester. Do you think that means I will have this baby early? I sure hope so! As soon as it’s healthy for baby, I’m ready! Well kind of…

First I need to stock up my pantry! I gotta have lots of food for Dustin and Danny to snack on while I am tired and healing. We have a mini freezer out in the garage that I desperately need to clean out. I want to fill it with all kinds of frozen dishes so dinner isn’t something Dustin or I have to struggle with for the first month or so.

Next I need to clean all Eli’s clothes. I keep wanting to do it now but if I do it now I know I will want to do it again later. Gotta make sure those clothes are fresh and clean! That also includes the crib, sitting in our garage, and all the blankets and spit rags. I am making myself wait till October, but I may only last till the end of September 😉 I am due November 3rd.

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I may not sound crazy yet but I might in this paragraph. I made a Amazon baby registry! That’s not crazy, but the fact that I bought just about everything off it myself, does. My mother told me to wait. “Even though this is your second pregnancy people will still get you things” She said. But for some reason I couldn’t wait!

Also, I have this crazy notion that the nursery and our master bedroom have to be done before I have baby. I am proud to say the nursery is complete, I’ll do a post on that later, but our master bedroom is only about half way done right now 🙁

Also, my son Danny had to have all his winter clothes before August! I say ‘had’ because, well, I got all that done in July… See, crazy right?! I did catch an awesome sale so it was worth it!

Big brother Danny below!

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With each item checked off the list, and I do have a list, I begin to relax a little. And my husband, God bless him, really needs me to relax.

I have to slow down and remind myself that everything will be okay in-spite of what I do and don’t have done. God has blessed us with much, why would that change? Who do I have my faith in? I need to rest in Him and believe He has my best interest at heart. Because He does.

The last thing I really would like done is all the Christmas shopping. I do not want to worry about all that when I have a brand new baby laying in my arms.

I think the whole reason I want all this done is so I can really relax and enjoy the whole new experience we are going to go through as a family. Thinking back to when Danny was a newborn and remembering how fast it went makes me sad. I want to make sure I can truly enjoy the new adventure we going on and I want everyone to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Again, I need to remember to slow down. I always want to rush through something to get to the next and that makes life pass much faster. Life is to short and I want to truly enjoy everyday that God has blessed me with. Even the hard days. Nothing to be excluded. I need to worry less and enjoy more. Ever since I found out I was pregnant with my second, I have been praying for the help to do just that.

When you have children life seems to speed up, just when you want it to slow down. I continue to pray for the strength to let go of what I cannot control and for the wisdom to know when I have tried my hardest and need to walk away.

I need to let God enter and take over more of my life, my thoughts and my actions because I have tried it myself, and have suffered because of it. I am not meant to do this on my own. I need my heavenly Father.

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  1. Relax and enjoy life girl! Everything will get done and it doesn’t have to be done in one day. Little by little, step by step…..

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