Christmas Tree 2014

We are about half way through December and we finally got our Christmas tree! Every year we go up to my parents and pick one out. They live on a beautiful forested 20 acres so finding one is always easy.

After walking around for a few minutes we found the perfect tree! It was tall and skinny and would fit perfectly into the spot I picked out in the house.

unnamed (32)

You cant really see but the tree is standing behind us. Grandpa had the chainsaw and make quick work cutting her down. This is what the boys thought of that!

unnamed (34) unnamed (35)

We headed into town after to pick up some supplies for dinner. We try to make a fun night of decorating the tree.

Once we got home we put two tired boys down for their naps and worked on setting up the tree for when they woke up.

unnamed (36)

See! Perfect fit 🙂 The pine needles didn’t create a mess either. I am loving this tree more and more!

Once dinner was over we started decorating. Only broke one ornament. Baby Eli is sure curious about everything hanging on the tree. Now I understand why my mom didn’t have to many matching ornaments hanging on her trees growing up. I see more broken ornaments in our future.

Danny had the most fun! This little boy was so excited! I mean, just look at his smile! We tried to get baby Eli to hold still but, that just wasn’t happening. If he couldn’t touch the pretty tree he didn’t want to stand by it either.

unnamed (38) unnamed (37)

It was a couple days later that I finally got all the percents out to wrap. Its always a chore to get those gifts wrapped. I made myself a homemade espresso and put one of my favorite on movies for the event.

unnamed (39)

It wasn’t long before I got the gifts wrapped. Now our tree is completely finished and beautiful! If only baby Eli would leave it all alone 🙁

unnamed (40)

It feels great to have it all done. Now I can sit back and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. My only wish is that it would snow. I remember one green Christmas growing up and well, its just not the same. Here’s to hoping it snows in then next week so our dreams of a white Christmas, come true.

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