New THM Recipe Wednesday!

Hello all! Its been just a little challenging to find and make a new Trim Healthy Mama recipe everyday but it’s paying off. I have expanded my horizons and I’m finding a ton of fun and easy recipes!

My favorite this week was….

Honey Mustard Dressing (S Meal) page 472 in the new THM cookbook. Why? Because salad can be so boring when you’ve used the same old dressing for years. This has brought new excitement to my yummy greens and I couldn’t be happier that its only 5 ingredients and super easy to make! I throw all the ingredients into this jar and mix well, whala!


Second ranked:

Pay Off Day Candies (S meal) page 381 of newest cookbook. OH. MY. YUM! You want something that tastes like candy? This is it! Seriously one of my new favorite treats and its so packed with protein it gives you a little burst of energy. A total of 8 ingredients to make this but its all thrown into the pot used to melt and mix. I love one dish goodies <3

Pay Day

Thirdly was…

Mangosicles (E Meal) page 367 in the new THM cookbook. I haven’t tried many E desserts but this was sweet, cold and just plain good! I threw the 4 ingredients into the blender and poured it into popsicle holders. The kids will love this sweet treat too and its been a blessing on these warm summer days.


Nacho Stuffed Peppers page 142 of the new THM cookbook. These made for a delicious husband approved dinner that I paired with a crisp green salad. These would be great bite sized appetizers for summer BBQ’s as well. I love the mini peppers and they cooked quickly do to their size. I topped them with sour cream which made them even more scrumptious!

Nacho poppers

Mashed Fotatoes from the new THM cookbook on page 219. This is suppose to look like mashed potatoes but I used an hand mixer instead of the blender (oops). Its made of cauliflower with a few extra ingredients and it tasted great. It was my fault it didn’t turn out like I’d hoped but I will know better the next time I make it.


Berry Yummy Gummies (fuel Pull) page 388 of new THM cookbook. These little gummies are quite the snack! Packed full of protein just a few of these bite sized squares can help curb hunger. I tried the lemon version of these and I have to say I liked those better. Still these are a delicious snack and will last me a few days.

just gelatin

Trying out these new recipes everyday has helped immensely in getting me back on track and putting excitement and new foods back in my diet! As I wrote in this blog post I was getting a bit board with THM only because I was eating the same foods over and over and over again. I needed a challenge to change things up and I am having a lot of fun in the process! Hope you are too!

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Till next Wednesdays update, blessings!

When you get bored with THM – Part 2

I did a post the other day, you can read it here, on why I have become somewhat bored with THM. Let me explain that a little. I have been on this plan for two and a half years, that is the longest I have EVER stayed with an eating plan. The first year was all about learning the plan, finding foods and recipes that I liked and working them into my busy life. Fast forward to current day and I have been eating those same foods without experimenting or trying to many new THM recipes.

For example; my breakfasts always consist of eggs, be those eggs with bacon or just a sprinkle of cheese. My fuel pull snacks have been the same two to three things for that amount of time as well.

I need to expand my pallet. I have been consuming the same meals for to long and now I am bored. I gotta change it up! I gotta find new recipes to love and add to my diet!

I am not stuck in this rut because there is limited options, quite the contrary. There are hundreds of recipes I have not tired! I have gotten a bit lazy and need to expand my horizons. I need to break out of this food coma I am in and try new and exciting THM recipes because there is soooo many delicious options out there!

Question of the day; How am I going to do this?

I am going to try a new recipe every day for the month of June! The pressure is on people!

How I plan to keep you involved is simple, I will post a picture of the food I make and share with you on my Facebook page. I’ll tell you where it came from, my Pinterest board or one of the THM cookbooks, and what I think about it.

If you don’t know that much about THM then you can follow along and learn about the foods we eat and how to separate and create S, E and FP meals. You’ll get to see the yumminess we THM’s can enjoy while losing or maintaining weight.

If you want to participate share your own photos under mine. If you tried something new I wanna see and hear about it! If you made your first THM recipe EVER you’ve got to show me!

If you already know about THM and have been on it for sometime then perhaps I can encourage you to try some new recipes so you don’t get stuck in the same rut as me.

Every Wednesday I’ll have a post up here on my blog about the recipes I have tried, the ones I loved and what I might tweak or change about others.

Are ya with me?


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Blessings Friends!

When you get bored with THM..

I have been on Trim Healthy Mama for two and a half years now, (excuse me while I scream in excitement) WAHOO! I started this eating plan in December of 2013 and never looked back.

Its interesting to me though that I have become a bit board with it. I still love it and will never ever leave this amazing community of women but the challenge of eating right has lost a little of its sparkle.

I am a challenge freak. I love a good robust challenge to keep things interesting and the feeling of completion, well there is just nothing like it.

I will be honest. I have began to gain a little weight and become a little careless with my food selections because I have lost the fun and excitement in this plan.

I have been eating the same o’l foods for a while now hardly expanding my pallet and getting lazy on the side.

Its like doing the same workout for years… you gotta mix things up to keep them interesting and a bit challenging!

Its time for a wake up call! Its time to start experimenting and find some new recipes that can become my favorites!

Now if you are just starting THM you can still do this with me! I’m not going to complicate things I will only be trying new foods and recipes that are THM approved so anyone can follow along!

This is perfect timing as the first of June is TOMORROW!

No more same old fuel pull meals everyday… no more same old eggs and bacon breakfast… I have to mix it up and find new things before I should become even more lax in my goals with this plan.

So, what am I going to do exactly? To be honest, I’m not sure. This idea just came to me 😉 I will be reaching out to my THM friends and asking what their favorite recipes are. I’m going to ask them what they usually eat for breakfast and what they eat for fuel pull meals. How they stay on plan and what they love for THM desserts and such. I’m going to start mixing things up and trying recipes I haven’t before!

I want to make it so you can follow along. I may make a THM challenge group on facebook and if I do I’ll be sure the post the link back here. I’ll have another blog post up in a couple days with more ideas and maybe a plan of some kind that we can all do together! What do ya think? Are you with me?

If you are new to THM and want to follow along I will be using these two books mostly…


With some recipes from my Pinterest board as well.

If you would like to follow along and need to purchase these books you can follow my affiliate link here and purchase them! They are very reasonably priced and if you stick to this plan, life changing.

Blessings sweet friends! I will be back soon to share more with you on this exciting new venture!


Click here for part two of this post! This is how I’m changing it up and keeping things exciting!

Mothers Day Weekend Recap


WOW! What a weekend. It was a lot busier than I expected with my little brothers birthday and my husband working all weekend (not by his choice, trust me).

Still we made it through and now its Monday. Aww, Monday. I am learning to love you but you don’t make it easy.

I do have a beautiful mothers day card and some pink roses (I love pink) sitting atop my kitchen sink at this very moment! And some leftover dinner in the fridge. My husband made me ‘on plan’ chili last night and it was sooooo delicious!

Even with the beautiful dinner I kinda fell off the wagon with my eating. Yeah, I was doing so good after my THM Weekend Menu Challenge, but I wanted to celebrate Mothers Day with extra fatty S treats and I so enjoy drinking wine in the evenings with my husband.

When I fall off the wagon I have a set of guidelines I follow, so I guess I don’t completely fall off? I allow myself to eat any and all THM approved foods but nothing else. I mix my E and S meals creating crossovers. I know I go over my carb count as well but I am okay with this.

I know I have gained a couple pounds but honestly it comes off much faster than when I don’t eat sugar laden foods. Also, I don’t have to detox from it in the following days. Sugar detox is not fun!

What I will do is simply begin again this Monday morning by separating my S and E meals and making sure I get my workouts and water in.

It will take me to the end of the week to lose the weight but the awesome part of this is I still feel great this morning! No food hangover, no icky feelings, no bloat. Just a little weight that will fall off in the coming days.

There was a time I didn’t offer myself this freedom and even though it was okay, its funner to let lose and not have the guilt every once in a while. It really doesn’t happen often.

My advice is if you splurge, stick to the THM approved foods. Don’t dig into sugar. There are so many yummy substitutes that you can sink your teeth into! Eat a little extra, have a few crossovers, enjoy a couple extra pieces of the fatty S desserts and then get back on schedule the next day! Its that easy!




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