32 Week Appointment!

As each week slowly ticks by I become more and more excited! This week I got all my blood reports back and baby and I are about as healthy as can be at this point. I did a blood draw a few weeks apart and since the last draw my blood volume increased by a significant amount, which is normal and a must to support growing baby. The doctor said there was something unusual that happened between the draws though. I got a little nervous and he must have sensed that because he said it was a good unusual.

The word ‘unusual’ was still running around in my head so I wasn’t convinced until he explained. Apparently when your blood volume increases, most of the time it becomes deficient in some vitamins, like iron for example, but mine stayed exactly the same! He said that just proves that I am eating healthy and taking my vitamins πŸ˜€

I had to smile at that. I am often horrible at taking my vitamins but during this pregnancy I could feel my body really needed the extra help so I have been very diligent in taking them. And I have to add, the vitamins I take, are awesome!!!

9-12-13 0021

They are called SuperMom and everyone I know who takes them, pregnant or not, swears by them! I purchase them from http://www.beeyoutiful.com/Β and never let my supply run out.

I use to think that vitamins never did much for me and as a result, I never took them until after I had my first son. Its amazing what having a baby can take out of you. Literally.

Yes healthy food is a must but you still aren’t getting everything you need, and how could you?! You see the commercials on fruit, veggies, dairy and other foods. They tell you the amount you should eating daily to get all the vitamins/supplements that your body needs and its near impossible! So I think vitamins are a must and I highly recommend SuperMom πŸ˜‰

As far as my weight goes I am doing much better than with my first. This is huge for me as I didn’t want or need to gain all the weight I did last time. Its been helpful to know what to expect so keeping track of my weigh has been easier.

So far I have gained 33 pounds and as hard as it is to see that number on the scale its better than the 50 I was pushing last time. I still have roughly 7-8 weeks left but I don’t see myself gaining 17 pounds in that amount of time. I guess we’ll see what happens…

I am beginning to work on my get back in shape plans for after baby but I’ll share that with you in another post πŸ˜‰

You Know Your In The Third Trimester When…

You Know your in the third and final trimester of pregnancy when:

1. You throw dirty clothes on the floor and then realize you’ll have to bend over to pick them up, so you start throwing them on a chair.

8-26-13 003

2. You sit on the floor to help your toddler pick up his toys and scoot on your rear to the ones out of reach.

3. You are starving so you eat a big meal and then hate yourself after. Why? Because there is only so much space in that tummy and the baby doesn’t think you deserve room for dinner.

4. You have to pee once or twice every hour because you feel the erg. When you actually go you get a little tinkle and you sigh… Its so repetitive and frustrating.

5. Your toddler starts noticing your tummy getting bigger and has to touch it to make sure its real and no joke.

6. When you get a sudden burst of energy all you want to do is clean.

7. You loath getting in and out of the car. It can be rather embarrassing when you grunt like an old man.

8. When you can no longer slough and are forced to sit in the straight-up position.

9. When you get excited for nap time… Your, nap time…

10. When you check the “How your babies developing this week” chart, two to three times a day… Like it will make that baby grow faster.

11. You and your husband cant fit through the door together. There is no squeezing past.

12. When something gets changed in your schedule, it can feel like the end of the world.

13. Its no longer comfortable to sit down. You’d rather lay on a bunch of fluffy pillows instead.

14. Your tummy now rests on your lap.

15. You set a cup on the counter, reach to grab something in the cupboard above and spill the glass with your tummy.

16. Your husband starts feeling sorry for you…

17. You are very emotional, so much in fact, Disney movies make you cry.

18. You start reading things on how to naturally induce your labor so when its safe, you can try. Now, there are a few I might try but one I refuse is “nipple stimulation”… I just don’t feel comfortable rubbing my own titties…

19. You start dreaming about how your labor will go but it always ends up being a nightmare. Yeah, thanks a lot dreams. As if I don’t have enough on my mind now I have mental images of giving birth to an alien!

20. And last but not least is that moment you get kicked, by baby, in the rib-cage. Its inevitable. It hasn’t happened to me yet this pregnancy but I know its coming and I am dreading it. Talk about shooting pain!

Please share what YOU went/are going through during your third trimester.

Power Of A Little Complement.

Today I received a very sweet compliment. I was walking in a parking lot when a woman rolled down her car window and said “Most people are afraid to ask women if they are pregnant, but you, you just look so proud to be.” I of course said thank you, I could tell she meant it as a huge compliment, but I walked away just a little confused.

Proud? Maybe more like comfortable? Don’t get me wrong I am anything BUT comfortable these days! I am now 30 weeks along πŸ˜‰ But maybe I look comfortable in my own skin as a pregnant woman?

I must admit I am not as scared this time around. The things worrying me last time, like stretchmarks πŸ™ aren’t what I am concerned about this time. I know nothing compares to the beautiful little life growing inside me.

I still have fears but they are different than with my first. These fears range from simple things like, how do I go grocery shopping with two children when my three year old can still make it difficult. To, how do I divide my time between them! I will have a new set of struggles and I hope you follow my blog as I work through them. I’m sure there are many funny stories ahead πŸ˜‰

All in all what I think what the lady in the car meant was, proud, as in, honored and glad to be pregnant. And I am! I think it’s wonderful she saw that from just a glance. And even more wonderful that she shared it with me πŸ™‚ I have my hard days (I’v been having a few lately) and its complements like this that can turn my day around. Never underestimate the power of a little complement!

Finding Out With Our Second.

3-8-13 001

My husband and I found out I was pregnant with our second in February 2013. We had been trying for some months so it wasn’t like the shock we got with our first. Still, I did shake a little when I saw that positive plus sign.

I remember buying the test. That in its self is a funny story. I was actually driving into town with my sister. I didn’t want to let anyone know I was getting a pregnancy test so I asked her to stop at the store so I could pick up some lemon extract. See, I make a really amazing lemon loaf! Its really a fantastic dessert with the moist center and the melted powdered sugar topping! Mmm… Sorry, back to the story. Yes I lied to my sister. Do I feel guilty? No. But I told her the truth later so I can’t be called a liar πŸ˜›

I get home, but I don’t pee on it right away because, well, it was back in February and I don’t remember. I did pee on it that night while Dustin was in the shower. We only had one bathroom at the time so I didn’t have a choice! I waited till he had his face wash on so he couldn’t peak out of the the shower to give me one of his creepy looks while I peed… Yeah, he does that to me. He knows how much I hate it, I’m sure that has something to do with why he STILL does it. Anyway I pee on the stick, wait the three required minutes and wham! Find out I am preggers with baby number two!

I tell myself I’ll wait till Dustin is sitting on the couch then surprise him! You know like women do in the movies? They are all sneaky and cute about it. I mean I was a little sneaky peeing on it in while he was in the shower and all. I don’t think that’s cute though… As soon as I saw the test, my heart started racing and then I told Dustin. Yes, he was still in the shower. He was so excited! I was scared and excited! His exact words were “Naughty’s pregnant!”

I know your all a little confused so let me enlighten you. Naughty, is my pet name. Now, please don’t over think that. Its not a dirty joke. I honestly can’t tell you why he calls me that. He has for years and probably always will. Even now as I lean over to ask him… “I don’t know, I just liked calling you naughty.” That’s all the man has to say.

So thus started the our second pregnancy!

A More Memorable And Comfortable Experience.

Me and Eli, at 21 weeks.

6-25-13 002

When Eli is born I want the birthing process to be a little different than with my first. I feel like I missed some important memories because I was scare and overwhelmed. Going into it this time, I hope to be more comfortable and able to focus my attention on particular situations.

I will start with packing for the hospital. I don’t want to wear the hospital gown the whole time again. If you haven’t worn a hospital gown, I will let you know right now it can be pretty revealing. With all its snap buttons and holes for ease of nursing,Β I had to constantly check to make sure nothing was popping out. Having it on while people came to visit was a little scary! I have read other bloggers birth stories, very inspirational, and I think wearing one of my husbands baggy T’s after delivery will be perfect. I will also be bringing my own pillow and I remember getting cold, so I will bring one of my favorite fluffy blankets! Nothing beats the comforts of home πŸ™‚

During labor I would like my mom to snap a couple pictures of my husband and I. We weren’t in any pictures together last time and its a special experience we share together. I couldn’t do it without him and well, it wouldn’t be happening with out me πŸ˜‰ so pictures of the two of us working through a contraction, smiling like we aren’t the least bit scared or for me, in pain, would be really nice.

Next on my list is watching Dustin cut the umbilical cord. There was so much going on right after our first son was born I missed it. I actually didn’t know he cut it until a few weeks after! Β That just makes me sad. I want to see and experience that.

Lastly, before people come to visit, Dustin and I will have the first couple hours to ourselves. After our first son was born, and I mean almost right after, our hospital room was filled with family and friends. We hardly had a moment together before people in the waiting room began rushing in. I had no time to put myself in order, it was quite an uncomfortable experience. “Oh hi there. Yeah I just pushed a baby out of my va-jay-jay but hey, come on in!” That’s what it felt like πŸ™ Imagine messy hair, tear streaked face and a look of utter shock. I didn’t get to see myself, but I can only imagine. I wasn’t mad at anyone, I could understand their excitement. However next time we will have a couple hours alone before anyone sets foot in our room! Please and Thank you πŸ™‚

All in all I hope to have a more memorable and comfortable experience. IΒ want to be more aware of my surroundings so there are no missed memories.Β  I always have my goals πŸ˜‰ whether its suppose to work out my way or not.