THM Pristine Whey Protein Powder – Review

I love reviews! Just love them! I am the person scrolling through tons and tons of reviews to see if it’s something I want to purchase. I want to know what people think and how they use a product. I go crazy for information but enough about that, let’s talk protein powder!

A little history:

Before THM came out with their powder I was using Swanson’s whey protein powder and loved it! Whey protein is in so many THM recipes that the product was often times back ordered. I don’t know why Swanson changed their recipe but when they did all us THM’s were like… Say What?!  It was no longer approved “on plan” by the sisters and we were left without the amazing whey!

The sisters quickly added Pristine Whey Protein Powder to their online store and kapow! we were back in business!

The Review:

It is delicious! I love, love, love using this stuff so much I must smooch it!

protein powder22

It isn’t just filling, it is smooth and it dissolves easily into recipes plus it smells like cake, I mean, need I say more? If you are a smoothie lover like me, you will find it makes them frothy and light. I also love it in my Greek yogurt because I am weird and I don’t like the dry feeling the yogurt leaves in my mouth. Do you know what I am talking about? Anyway, their protein powder makes it more like a pudding, a decadent, fluffy, filling pudding!

You use this stuff in quite a bit of the THM recipes so having this on hand is a must if you ask me. It also comes with its own scoop so measuring is simple. To make a smoothie generally you use one full scoop but you can half it and still make an excellent smoothie. It was one of the first things I ordered when I started THM and it helped out a lot. Those smoothies are easy to whip up when just starting out.

The one issue I have with the protein powder is in the packaging. The reusable bag does not like to seal shut. It was a simple fix. I just stuck the entire bag into a gallon ziploc bag and seal it that way. It doesn’t bother me at all, just something to be noted.

Free Recipe:

I love a good recipe just as much as I love a good review so I am going to share with you my favorite chocolate protein smoothie, its a FP meal, that I make with their whey powder. I kind of made it up. I took a few smoothies recipes I liked and combined them into this delicious, easy, frothy, chocolate smoothie! Are ya ready?

Chocolate Protein Smoothie (FP):

Put the following ingredients into a blender:
1 cup Cashew Milk
2 Tbs. Natural Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
4 packets Truvia
1 squirt Skinny Girl Liquid Stevia
1 tsp. Caramel or Vanilla Extract
1 scoop THM Pristine Whey Protein Powder
6 cubes of ice or more depending on how thick you like your smoothies.

Blend until smooth & enjoy!

If you want a peanut-butter chocolate smoothies replace 1 Tbs. of the cocoa powder with 1 Tbs. peanut flour (also available on the THM website I will have listed below).
I use Cashew milk because I think it is creamier than Almond milk but you can use either or.

Greek Yogurt Pudding Recipe (FP):


Would you like that Greek yogurt recipe I was talking about earlier? It’s found on page 251 in the first THM book. It’s actually called Greek Pudding and rightfully so, it turns it into the consistency of pudding.  The only thing I add is a cup of strawberries, fresh or frozen (thawed) with a few blueberries keeping it in FP territory. Not many blueberries though, that could quickly turn into an E meal because of their carb count. I also sweeten the berries and yogurt with Stevia or Truvia or both! It all depends on what you like.

Protein powder 23

If I have sold you on this amazing product than click here to use my affiliate link and get some! Using my link costs you nothing extra. It just helps me and my blog stay alive and well. Thanks!

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For My Trim Healthy Mama Sisters!

Are you signed up for the Trim Healthy Mama EZine? Sign up here for free and receive their monthly emails.

For those of you interested it contains testimonies, recipes, new and up coming products, tips and tricks along with information to shopping THM on a budget. Wonderful stuff!

What I was most excited about in this months EZine was the Trim Healthy Mama Naturals they are beginning to sell! I use to order the ‘Orange Silk Hydrating Cream’ from Kit Naturals but do to all the demand for the products, they have teamed up and are now selling the items on the THM web page.

I have just finished my first 2 oz tub of the Orange Silk Hydrating Cream and I love, love, love it!


The picture above is what the tub use to look like, its changed a little since but still holds 2 oz.

Like most of us, I was afraid to try something new on my face. The one thing that made me so nervous is all the oils it contains. You think of oil as a bad thing on your skin, or at least I did. I thought oil of any kind would clog my pores resulting in more pimples but I have learned the right kind of oils make all the difference.

I honestly don’t remember when I ordered my first little tub but I think its been about two months? I still get a few breakouts around a certain time of the month but the cool part about it is the pimples are near the surface of my skin. Rarely do I get those deep painful pimples. My skin is so soft and the smell is just like an orange creamsicle! I smell delicious!

My skin is normal to dry and to be quite honest lots of my pimple problems began to disappear when I started the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating. Before using this cream I used Mary Kay’s Time Wise Normal to Dry Facial Lotion. I liked it because I didn’t really know anything different. There were some mornings when I applied my skin would still feel stretched and dry so I’d have to re-apply.

Now that I am on the THM eating plan I am always looking for more ways use more natural healthy products. After I learned that some friends and family started using the Orange Silk Cream I decided it was my turn to give it a go. I am so glad I did! I thought my skin would go through an adjustment period but it never did. I am so happy with this new cream! It feels soft to the touch, it smells wonderful and it is made of all natural ingredients that work with your skin. As I stated before, my face is so soft!

After my morning shower I apply it to my face and neck. If I am applying make up that day, cause lets face it, being a mother of two I don’t put much on unless we go somewhere, I will take some toilet paper and run it over my eyes, and where ever else I apply to get the oil sitting on top of my skin off. It makes it easier to apply and blend my make-up. That’s it!

The next product I want to try is Kit Clear All-Natural Blemish Treatment. After I have purchased and tried it I will write up a product review to share you all!

Hope you found this helpful! With all the new products Trim Healthy Mama is creating I am so glad to have the EZine to keep me informed and up-to-date on everything THM!

I Dyed My Hair With Coffee!!!

Did you know that was possible? I know coffee has a staining power as I have to scrub it off coffee cups and counter tops but I had no idea people used it to dye their hair.

Word to the wise. This is not for blondes! The coffee is meant to accentuate the color and highlights that are found in brunette colored hair. That being said, we can move forward.

I was scrolling through the ‘Hair & Beauty’ column in Pinterest when I came across this…


I was instantly curious! Is this just a Pinterest gimmick or does it really work? I researched a little more and found that its a technique that has been used for a while. Its color lasts a few days to maybe a week. From what I read it depends on how often you apply and how healthy your hair is.

Here are a few more links I found helpful…

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After reading all the above articles I really wanted to try it! It took a while for me to get the courage but I am glad I did.

First, what the articles didn’t share with me was that after applying coffee to my hair I would smell like a walking espresso machine. Maybe it goes without saying, but I wasn’t prepared for the very strong smell of coffee every time I moved my head. I LOVE coffee, I’m just not sure I want to smell it all day long.

Secondly, the articles say its non-messy and easy. I beg to differ. Adding a water like substance to your hair is anything but easy and non-messy. There was the option to fill a squirt bottle with the coffee but I still don’t see how that would be any less messy unless maybe you stood in the shower? But then I’d have to scrub it off the walls and glass.

I’m not trying to make it so you don’t try it, I am just sharing with you the circumstances I faced.

Now that you are forewarned, I will walk you through the process…

Before Pictures: My hair is super messy because I pulled it out of a bun.

unnamed (28) unnamed (29)

In the first picture I stood by the window to get natural light. The second picture I took in my bathroom where there is no window. Light makes a huge difference so I added both.

All the articles shared a different recipe and a different way of applying the coffee. I decided I’d apply what I read and make my own recipe.

I brewed two cups of very strong coffee then added a couple ice-cubs. The articles say to let it sit and cool but I was in a rush to get it done before my baby woke up from his nap.


Next I added about a tablespoon of ground coffee. (bad idea)

unnamed (26)

Then I took it to the bathroom and added my hair conditioner to try and thicken it up a little.

unnamed (27)

Even though the combo of coffee and smell of the conditioner was amazing, I couldn’t get it to thicken.

I was half way through the process and couldn’t stop now. I wasn’t sure how to start so I began dipping a brush in the mixture and then brushing it through my hair. After a couple tries I realized that would take forever.

I dipped my hands into the mixture and was getting better application but it was splashing everywhere.

I then set the bowel in the sink and put my head in after it. I formed a cup with my hands and poured it over my hair that way. This seemed to work the best.

After it felt like my hair was good and soaked I combed it out and made sure it was evenly applied through my thick hair. I then pilled it on top of my head and let it sit for a good thirty minutes.

Get a towel. It will run down your neck and drop here and there.

Next I jumped in the shower and begin trying to wash out the ground coffee bits. Maybe its just my thick hair but those little granules did not want to come out. That’s probably were that extra strong coffee smell came from all day? Even after I showered the day after, I still smelled like coffee. It is not half or even a fourth as strong as it was yesterday but the coffee smell, it was still there.

Here are the afters!

unnamed (31) unnamed (30)

It really did make a difference! It gave it more of a deep red hint and added a lot of shine to my hair. Again the first is natural light and the second is in my bathroom.

Now the question I have to ask myself… was it worth it?

Yes and no.

Yes in the way that it did add a beautiful shine and color to my hair. No in the way that it was so messy and the smell of coffee, since I now know its possible, was over powering.

If I do it again I will not be adding the coffee grinds, nope, bad idea! If I attempt it again I might just brew the strong coffee and then pour it over my hair while in the shower, let it saturate while I soap my body and then wash my hair out last. Only I don’t know if that would be enough time for it to color and add the shine that I loved so much.

If I try it again I will up date this blog post 😉 For now I am done with the smell of coffee that is still permitting my hair.

If you try it please let me know how you did it! If you were able to find a non-messy, easy way to apply that hasn’t been thought of yet I would love to hear from you. As I’m sure my readers would like to hear as well!