Raising Boy’s is a Dirty Business

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If you are a mother of boys you will completely understand. They have no knowledge of germs. Even if you try to make it known, it goes right over their wee little heads.

My eldest son, Danny, who is four years old and has been potty trained since two, is now wanting to pee “like daddy.” In other words, he wants to stand up.

NO! I will not allow it! This little boy has horrible aim. After wiping down the potty and floor several times this mama is done! My boys will sit down to pee! End of story! No if’s, an’s or but’s!

My son, the smart little boy that he is, knows very well that I want him to sit down to pee. So what does he do? He shuts the door so I cant see what he is doing. He told me for a while that it was because he didn’t want little brother Eli walking in and disturbing him.

Okay, seems legit. I don’t want Eli in the bathroom either. That is until I discovered the toilet seat up (at least he does that?). Odd I thought, setting it back down only to find it up again later.

Then it hit me. Hes shutting the door so he can pee standing up. Wow! And I mean, WOW! How does he learn this stuff?

“Mom I don’t want Eli in the bathroom so I have to shut the door.” But he is actually shutting it to stand and pee! I mean my gosh! Hes four years old people!

It reminds me of when he locked my out of the house and wouldn’t let me back in until I made him an iced coffee (I didn’t mind you, make the coffee for him). That was when he was three! He was blackmailing me by three and now he is telling half truths?! Whats next!

Not only is potty and the floor dirty but he sets his potty seat, the one he is suppose to be using, on the counter. This morning after removing it I found a ring of pee under it.

The pee is not only on my toilet and my floor it is making its way to my counter. Ugh!

I love my boys. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. but really?! Pee is everywhere and I haven’t even potty trained my youngest boy yet…

I will forever be battling pee. I just know it.

I can stand quite a few things. Dirty foot prints across a clean floor. Food on the floor after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hand prints that cover my oven, dishwasher, fridge and windows. Soap and water covering my bathroom counter after a good hand washing. I can handle that. But pee? I just cant.

At least I know my limits right? I say this with a touch of hysteria.

I like to clean my home with gentle organic house cleaners. But when it comes to pee I feel the need to fill a squirt bottle with equal parts bleach and water so the smell of urine doesn’t forever permeate my bathroom.

Wish me luck people. If I have to make my husband sit down to pee that is what I’ll do! I don’t think that will go over well. Talk about a bossy house wife right? But if he doesn’t want to be the one cleaning the bathroom everyday than he’d better get with the program!

From a desperate mama.

Spokane Interstate Fair 2014

Even though going to a fair the size of Spokane’s can be a little repetitive each year, we go because our two boys love to see the animals. The kids makes all the difference. To see their eyes grow wide with interest and excitement makes it all worth it.

Our oldest, Danny, is four years old now and had a plethora of questions and comments. I honestly don’t think he stopped talking while we were there. Our youngest, Eli, was more interested in eating his puffs (crackers for babies) than much else. Sure he liked to look around from the baby stroller, and he did great while we were out, but next year we will see more excitement in his little blue eyes.

unnamed (12)pm

As I said earlier, Danny was having a blast!

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We walked through the chicken exibit and Danny held his hand to his nose the whole time. “It’s so stinky mom!” Sorry for the blurry picture but I had to post anyway!

unnamed (17)

One of the things we always do is feed the animals in the petting area. It is so fun to hear Danny giggle as the animals lick the grain from his hands.

 unnamed (21) unnamed (22) unnamed (20)

There was one animal he was afraid of. Dustin poured grain into Danny’s awaiting hands and as he held them out to feed the little calf, Danny dropped the grain at the last second and took a step back. I think he was a little intimidated by the calf 😉 The picture was just before he dropped the grain.

unnamed (19)

I always forget to get a family picture! Darn it anyway 🙁 We got a few others.

              unnamed (14)pm unnamed (13)pm unnamed (16)

We met up with cousin Tyrion along the way so the kids could explore the fair together. Its almost to much for the babies to take in but it will be funner for them each year they get older. Until next year!

Pretty In Purple.

This morning was a little messy.

unnamed (3)

I knew exactly what was going to happen but they were having so much fun!

unnamed (6)

Danny would throw the purple piece of chalk in the pool and come back to the porch and paint. Eli was very intrigued as you can see. What little baby can resist the urge to touch something so bright and beautiful!

unnamed (4)

Not this baby… I was just glad he didn’t eat it. Danny kept telling me to keep Eli away from his painting and I tried, then quickly gave up… I needed to either rinse it off the porch or let him explore.

Explore it was!

unnamed (2)

And oh what fun he had!

unnamed (1)

Danny had lots of fun to (he didn’t want his picture taken) and wanted more chalk to color the rest of the porch. Such a huge blank canvas for such a creative little boy!

I didn’t give him anymore chalk least it begin to track into my house and all over my tile floor.

What does a mama do when her boys are stained purple? She puts them in the bath…


After the boys were clean and I drained the purple bath water and all was well once again. I love my silly boys! My mornings would be so dull and purple-less without them 😉


Breakfast is probably my favorite meal of the day. I get up, get the children up and situated, then head to the kitchen to make breakfast.

The kids are easy to feed most mornings. My older son Danny has to have his maple flavored organic yogurt and my youngest either has a bottle of milk or vanilla flavored organic yogurt. Tada! They are done!

Me, I like options for breakfast. The same thing over and over again gets boring, except for my coffee, that’s a morning must 😉

So with my coffee I have to find something else that will match my S meal (If you are following THM eating plan you will understand). My ‘go to’ for a busy morning use to be eggs, but for some reason my body rejects them now like the plague. I get a horrid tummy ache and feel sick until my body digests them. If I put eggs in a small meal I get the same effect. If I have one egg in a big meal it usually doesn’t bother me.

Do you know how hard it is to find a morning meal when you cant eat eggs? Its awful!

I have tried all the egg substitutes and none of them work. I have been working on recipes that call for one egg and trying to make it work with Greek yogurt instead.

The THM muffin in a mug are okay. The consistency is more of a porridge than a muffin but if I can get past the texture the taste is really good!

My favorite so far is coffee cake in a mug. It tastes amazing! It also reminds me of french toast, the woman in the bog has created several muffin in a mugs and I plan to try them all!

The “in a mug” recipes are so easy and most of them work well with the yogurt substitute. Which is exciting for me!

Now if only I could get my mornings more organized. Usually why I am attempting to make my coffee and muffin in a mug my older son is asking for his yogurt and my youngest is running over my toes with his walker trying to pull on my pants and see what I’m doing.

Mornings are always crazy around here… Always! Its great on the weekend when my husband is home but on the week days I am left to feed and entertain two little boys on my own.

The worst is my son in his walker. I am constantly tripping over him and he is always ramming my toes. I have gone so far as to barricade the entrance of the kitchen with a bar stool but he either pushes that into the kitchen, or he goes around the island and makes it through the other side. Smart baby…

After I get everything made, boys breakfast included, I try to catch up on some computer time before I head to water flowers, do my workout, dishes, laundry and over all cleaning of the house!

Speaking of which… the dishes are calling my name. With baby down for his morning nap Id better get them done before he wake up!


Danny’s Fourth Birthday Party!!!

Just a few days ago we celebrated our oldest sons fourth birthday! We are so proud of the little boy is he becoming. He has such a sweet heart. He wants to learn and has so many questions! When we explain something to him it seems like at that moment it all goes over his head but later, even days later, he will talk about what we were discussing like he completely understood!

He amazes both my husband and I with how well he remembers things.

For example:

He will hear a song on the radio by, Rascal Flatts, title: Life is a Highway.

Danny will then shout out. “CARS! Mom that song is from the movie Cars!”

He takes in everything that surrounds him and even though that can be a little terrifying, I am proud that he is so perceptive and curious.

We have many things to teach Danny and as he ask’s and acts we try our best to explain what is right and wrong. He is learning every single day and Dustin and I our proud of his ever growing/learning mind.

One of Danny’s all time favorite things to do is play outside. So Dustin and I decided the best gift to give him for his fourth birthday was a swing set!

We decided that a wooden one would be best as our kids are young and we want it to last through the ages. The only problem with a wooden one is they are about three to four times the price of a metal one.

But we got a few family members to pitch in so that made it a little easier on the bank account 😉

Dustin, with the help of a good friend, pieced the set together in a couple days. During the party they had a little more help from a Grandpa and an Uncle.

5-25-14 026      5-25-14 052

Finished product!

5-25-14 057

It turned out perfect! Here is Danny enjoying it…

5-25-14 046      1796541_10204030453308198_4692524177596651895_n1

Also, some other people from the party…

5-25-14 043

It was the perfect gift! We couldn’t have done it without the family who helped in purchasing it and our friend that helped put it together!

On to the rest of the party…

It was Avenger themed. This little boy is action and adventure all they way. And even though Spider Man isn’t an official Avenger he is still one of Danny’s favorites so he had a Spider Man cake.



It was delicious but I got way to much! I have some in the freezer and quite a few pieces still in the fridge.

Among some of the other gifts he got was a golf set…

5-25-14 075

A Hulk Action figure and mask…

5-25-14 033 5-25-14 035

And an awesome light up bath toy because his second most favorite thing in the world is bath time!

All in all it was an amazing fun day! The weather was perfect and this little boy was blessed beyond words.

Last but not least we took a family photo. Cant get enough of these as our two little boys grow daily. We are one proud and happy family. Blessed by great friends and a wonderful family!

5-25-14 0661