A weekend in the Backyard!

I have been begging my husband to build my garden beds for weeks. I gave him a deadline saying if he didn’t do it by then, I would! This stubbornness was given to me by my parents, both first born. Its their fault.

My husband, knowing full well that I would be out in the backyard attempting to use his saw if heaven forbid, he ran out of time, started work on my garden beds. I was a happy girl! I had my own project to do so after putting the kids down for their afternoon naps we went to work! It felt fantastic working alongside my husband.

Before we had kids I would go to jobs with him and help out when I wasn’t working at the Credit Union. I loved helping him, watching him solve problems and create the masterpieces he is well known for.

For those of you who don’t know my husband is a tile and natural stone installer, among many other talents, like laying counter tops and other types of finish work, he is amazing at what he does and is requested by many to work their jobs. I have to brag a little, proud wife here 😉

Anyway, being in construction he is a man of many talents, and I take advantage of them all. He loves me for it too 😉

As we got ready to head outside he filled a work bucket full of ice and beer, popping the first bottle open and drinking the ice cold refreshment, he nooded his head as if to say, “lets do this.”


Some of the tools needed to get er done!


There’s my man of many talents, skills, and creator of all things Pinterest! How I love him!


He said he wasn’t mocking me in this picture. Rarely does he smile that big for me with a camera in hand. Hmm…


While he worked on my garden beds, I worked on a place for the BBQ. We have a really small porch (12×12 I think) and the BBQ takes up a lot of room so we decided to place it off to the side on its own little perch.


I absolutely hate digging grass up. It is my least favorite part of these kinds of projects. Though the outcome is always worth it.

I laid the squares out, dug around them, pulled the grass out, set them back in the dirt to measure and make sure I had it right. Then pulled them out again! It’s hard labor 😉


Then I grabbed one the the boards my husband had cut (it was the perfect size) and leveled out the dirt. I also laid yard material down, you know the stuff that makes it so grass wont grow up through it (I forget the proper name).


Then I laid all the squares back down! I jumped on it and was amazed that they were all level! I called my husband over to gaze at my handy work. He was proud 😀


All finished! The BBQ fits on it perfectly! I might fill in the garden bed one day beside the BBQ and put a table there to help in food preparation. Yet another idea. At least there is no grass to dig out.


My husband was still hard at work so I figured I better stay busy. I got some seeds out that I have been wanting to plant.


I am still amazed that such big beautiful flowers can come from such small seeds. These seeds will grow Lilly Miller flowers which will reach about 18 inches high and help fill in a sparse flower garden (the one in the picture).


At last my husband finished putting together the last of the wood we gathered from my parents house. There was only one problem. We were short wood. So I only got three garden beds out of the deal when I wanted a total of seven 🙁 Oh well… At least we got some done.

Notice one is pressure treated. After making that one for about seventy dollars we decided we needed free wood, which my parents had (total answer to prayer).


This one is for my raspberries!


It was a job well done and in spite of being short wood, I was a very excited girl!

Fast forward to the next day. My mother drops by (she’s an avid gardner) and takes a gander at our work. She is excited and happy for us but had one question…

“Why are your beds so high?”

To which I replied, “umm…”

The boards are 2×6. we put two boards per side making the beds 2×12. I don’t need them this high. I don’t know why we built them that tall. I saw a pinterest picture, they had two boards, so I though I needed two boards! But I really don’t. So the plan is to cut all the beds in half horizontally, making the garden beds only 6 inches high. Which will also cut down the amount of dirt we will have to buy. Silly me, poor husband.

At least I have will have twice the garden beds! Now to tell my husband…

My First Garden Tale…

I have a wonderful aunt. Actually I have a few wonderful aunts but this one gave me some bulbs to plant at my new house! It’s still spring so I haven’t seen them bloom yet but I’m told they are beautiful!

What, do you ask, is so funny about this? Well I was given these flowers to plant… last fall. These are spring flowers and are suppose to be planted in the fall so they bloom and grow in the spring.

My excuse, though lame, felt like a good one at the time. I was pregnant when I received them in the mail. Very pregnant. And I had absolutely no idea where to plant them! When I finally figured out where I wanted them my mother came over to help. We were all ready but as soon as the shovel hit the dirt, clink! Uhh… the ground was frozen. There was no way we could plant the bulbs.

Now my mother is quite creative. I posses some of her creativity myself but she takes all the credit for this idea. We had to plant them somewhere or they would dry up and die. So, we planted them in my flower pots sitting in the garage. I had thirty or so bulbs sticking out of the flower pots. These pots…

4-1-14 014

Since I had to unstack them it shrunk my garage a considerable amount but hey! They weren’t going to die and I promised to plant them as soon as the ground thawed! Mission accomplished, for now.

Well that aunt all the sudden emailed me about a week ago and said she was coming to see our new house! I was so excited! Then I remembered… I still needed to plant the bulbs!

Another phone call to my mother and she was out within a couple hours to get me started and help watch the kiddos.

4-1-14 012

It was rather fun. I loved getting my hands in my own dirt and creating a flower bed. It has me all excited to get my veggie garden going!

My son Danny is such a great helper! Seriously. If you ever need any help ask this little man and he will do the job. He took all the grass I cut off the top and threw it into a pile for me. He was filthy but he was happy to be helping. Aren’t little boys are suppose to be dirty anyway?

4-1-14 015

We got the bulb’s planted and watered making me ready for my aunt to finally arrive! Once she saw them all planted and happy she was happy.


I kind of want to tell her the story. But at the same time I want more flowers in the future so I feel like its a story I should save for later 😉