Breakfast is probably my favorite meal of the day. I get up, get the children up and situated, then head to the kitchen to make breakfast.

The kids are easy to feed most mornings. My older son Danny has to have his maple flavored organic yogurt and my youngest either has a bottle of milk or vanilla flavored organic yogurt. Tada! They are done!

Me, I like options for breakfast. The same thing over and over again gets boring, except for my coffee, that’s a morning must 😉

So with my coffee I have to find something else that will match my S meal (If you are following THM eating plan you will understand). My ‘go to’ for a busy morning use to be eggs, but for some reason my body rejects them now like the plague. I get a horrid tummy ache and feel sick until my body digests them. If I put eggs in a small meal I get the same effect. If I have one egg in a big meal it usually doesn’t bother me.

Do you know how hard it is to find a morning meal when you cant eat eggs? Its awful!

I have tried all the egg substitutes and none of them work. I have been working on recipes that call for one egg and trying to make it work with Greek yogurt instead.

The THM muffin in a mug are okay. The consistency is more of a porridge than a muffin but if I can get past the texture the taste is really good!

My favorite so far is coffee cake in a mug. It tastes amazing! It also reminds me of french toast, the woman in the bog has created several muffin in a mugs and I plan to try them all!

The “in a mug” recipes are so easy and most of them work well with the yogurt substitute. Which is exciting for me!

Now if only I could get my mornings more organized. Usually why I am attempting to make my coffee and muffin in a mug my older son is asking for his yogurt and my youngest is running over my toes with his walker trying to pull on my pants and see what I’m doing.

Mornings are always crazy around here… Always! Its great on the weekend when my husband is home but on the week days I am left to feed and entertain two little boys on my own.

The worst is my son in his walker. I am constantly tripping over him and he is always ramming my toes. I have gone so far as to barricade the entrance of the kitchen with a bar stool but he either pushes that into the kitchen, or he goes around the island and makes it through the other side. Smart baby…

After I get everything made, boys breakfast included, I try to catch up on some computer time before I head to water flowers, do my workout, dishes, laundry and over all cleaning of the house!

Speaking of which… the dishes are calling my name. With baby down for his morning nap Id better get them done before he wake up!