Our Beautiful Home

This past week I have felt so blessed and filled with joy. My family is strong, true and being lead and blessed by God Himself. I have felt safe, loved and protected. In spite of everything that was seeming to fall apart around us, our home, stood strong.

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I look at all the projects we got done this summer:

Danny’s swing set which has proved to be more loved and played on than we imagined.

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My mailbox. Even though the mail service decided the day after I finished it that we would have to get our mail from the community boxes around the block, it is still beautiful and another reminder of a project accomplished. I think I will keep it up, you know, in case the mail service ever changes their mind…

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We were able to do our kitchen back splash. The best part about the industry my husband works in is all the free tile and carpet that comes from left over jobs. All the tile we got was free and oh so beautiful. We had to wait a while before the glass tile became available, but it was worth it. My husband got it done over a weekend and it has added a finished look. Now I want to add blue plates, towels and such. But that will come in time. For now I am completely happy with having the back splash in.

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It took me a while to start this project as I knew the time it would take to complete it. But it is done! It took me all summer to dig the grass out and place the boarder. To make it even harder on myself I added a section on the side of the house because I ended up planting a few bushes there. I need to hide the pipes and stains the sprinklers have made. It will take a few years for them to grow tall enough but when they come in they will be big and beautiful! This was my biggest project of the summer and I am ecstatic to have it done!

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This was another project that wasn’t all that easy to complete. The stones were more on the expensive side so we purchased them a little at a time. I don’t need to tell you how heavy they are. Digging the hole and moving the stones back and forth (and back and forth and back and forth) to make sure they where steady was a long sweaty job! It was worth it though. It always is.

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Now that all our projects are finished for this year I am beginning to think about next year. My first project will come in spring when gardening season roles around. I WILL have a garden next year! I have wanted one for years and due to all my projects this year it just didn’t happen. Next year, it is priority! Check out my Pinterest Gardening Board. I want a nice fence around it and a few raised beds along with a place for some raspberry bushes.

Along with a garden we desperately need to put a roof of some kind over our patio. The sun beats down on our backyard all summer so there is no enjoying the fresh air unless I want to sit in a pool of my own sweat. No thank you.

Next would be nice to extend our porch out. I want to lay brick to the left of my porch leading to the garden to create more of a sitting area. In that area I want to build a fire pit. Since this is such a big project I may have to do it in sections. Here are my Pinterest Patio Ideas. We want a slanted pergola with some kind of roof cover. I want the big bulb lights to hang underneath and I love the curtains that add style and shade. All are easy and quite possible. It only takes time and money right? Stay tuned to see what we come up with next year!

There is a lot I want to get done next year. Maybe to much? Whenever things look to be a little overwhelming I make a list. I am my mothers child. I have a list for just about everything! Below I placed the projects in order, most important to… less important 😉

1. Garden. (A must!)

2. Build a fence around the garden. (To keep curious children and any future pets out.)

2. Plant a dwarf apple tree by the garden. (Easy, and Dustin and I want an apple tree so bad!)

3. Brick under gate leading to backyard. (Easy, and I hate mowing lawn under the gate!)

4. Build roof/pergola over backyard patio. (Another must!)

5. Extend patio out with brick in the direction of the garden. (Another summer long project that may or may not happen.)

6. Plant a tree in front yard, boarder it and fill with rock. (I love trees! Specially dwarf trees placed in peoples front yard.)

That is what I have so far. As we move into the cooler weather I will start bringing work inside. I want to transform our master bed and bath. This project will take a while. I want mirrors above the nightstands. The nightstands themselves need to be repainted. I want a beautiful rug to be placed at the bottom of our bed but they can be expensive so I will be on the look out for a deal. Things like that.

If you know me, you know I am always working on a project and, working on creating new projects. I am a busy girl but I LOVE having something to do. I love creating and doing! I want to use the talents God has blessed me with to make our home a safe and wonderful place for our children and a place where family and friends can feel welcome.

My husband and I are rather exhausted from all the things we have just recently accomplished, namely the rock gardens, so I think we will take next month, October, as a rest and recoup month. It is just getting into the fall season and I want to enjoy every second of it! More afternoon walks, more preschool crafts tailored to decorating for fall/Halloween, more cooking of sweet pumpkin treats and trips to explore farms during their harvest up in Greenbluff.

Hoping you all a blessed season <3

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