Are Quest Bars On Plan With THM

Quest has recently changed their Quest Bar recipe and us THM’s wanted to know if that made them ‘off plan.’

I really like Quest Bars as they are great in a pinch! They are easy to travel with, they taste amazing and really do quench hunger.

I went on the official THM Facebook page and asked the administrators if these tasty treats were still considered ‘on plan’ due to the change. Here is what one of them had to say:

“Some of the ingredients in Quest bars have been known to spike the blood sugar levels of some people, so they are considered a “personal choice” item that can be used in a pinch, on occasion. Each lady will have to make the decision themselves as to whether they want to consider using them or not. Probably still a better choice than most other protein bars, but shouldn’t be overdone. Definitely best to avoid the ones with artificial sweeteners if possible.” – Admin

So the answer is: they are a personal choice. With THM you get to set the standard. You get to decide how pure of food you want to eat.

Will I still eat them? Yes, I will still use them in a pinch because I believe them to be better than most bars out there and they work well in a bind.

How often will I eat one? Very sparingly. These kinds of items are not to be used daily or weekly even. If you are finding that weight loss isn’t happening I would encourage you to take food items such as these out of your diet for a while.

Pure food choices are what THM is all about. If you are having trouble losing weight I would tell you go back to the basics cutting out foods like: Mission tortillas, pre made soups, Ezekiel bread… items such as these, in to great a quantity have been known to halt weight loss.

You get to decide the foods are you eat. You get to decide what works best for you and your busy life. Just keep these things in mind 🙂

Blessings sweet friends!