Activated Charcoal

I posted this cute little collage of my son on my facebook page.


He looks confused because my mouth is black. I am brushing my teeth with activated charcoal to whiten them. I swear it works! It is a natural and healthy alternative that only takes about three minutes of your time. It doesn’t taste and its quick and easy, just a tad bit messy.


To Use: I wet my tooth brush and set it on a paper towel. I then break open a capsule and sprinkle it on my tooth brush. I set the timer for three minutes and brush away! It is activated so it is attracted (powdered sugar) to anything, that is how it works. It draws out the stains on your teeth by attracting them. Once you have brushed for three minutes just spit it out and rinse. Your tooth brush will be black. Probably for forever in the deep crevices of the bristles. If that grosses you out maybe you should have a tooth brush strictly for this use. After rinsing I brush my teeth with my tooth past and whala! I smile nice and big in the mirror to admire my pearly whites!

I like to do it once a week but don’t always get around to it. I used it about twice a week when I first started because I found it didn’t reach the white I wanted right away.

Disclaimer: I am not telling you how use the product, I am sharing with you how I have used it. Individual results may very. As always I encourage you to do your own research.

I would post my personal before and afters but I just did it a couple days ago so the results wouldn’t be much different. You will have to try and see for yourself but before and afters can easily be found on if you are interested.

Another other perk to this product is that is cheap! You can find it on for under nine dollars a bottle. That is where I purchased it.

It has other health benefits as well. Check out Gwen’s Nest and see how she uses it as an upset stomach remedy. I have yet to try it in that setting as we haven’t been sick with the flu since my purchase of the product, but I would be willing to try it out.

Smiles are important and I am personally more willing to share them when my teeth are white. Specially since I have a huge smile and it shows all my teeth! Best of luck!