About Me

I am an energetic girl seizing all the joy life has to offer. I pour my heart and soul into everything I do. I am an all or nothin kind of girl who has a passion to help, encourage and enrich women’s lives.

My biggest fault is pushing myself to hard, to far, requiring more of myself than I would ask anyone else. My husband is a constant reminder to slow down, enjoy life and the moment. I would be lost without him.

My two lively little boys are the loves of my life. Raising them thus far has been quite the experience as I was mostly raised with girls. God has a since of humor don’t ya think? These little guys keep me on my toes and we share in many laughs and adventures together. I am a very blessed to call them my own.


Eli age 2, Danny age 6.

My husband and I were high school sweethearts, I love saying that, and have been married for 9 years now. He defiantly adds to the fun, adventure and spontaneity in my life as I tend to plan and carefully execute things. Yes, my life would be boring without him!

Not to say my planning and careful execution hasn’t been a blessing to him. We both need what the other has and knowing this, we work great as a team.


My style and fashion mirror the girl within. I like it simple and beautiful yet comfortable and chic. I like making my own fashion items and thanks to my grandmother, who taught me the skill of crochet, I create items and accessories encouraging women to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin while making a statement of who they are.

I have these items up for sale on my Etsy page EverythingBirky if you would like to have a gander.

My style and fashion come with confidence. I love health and fitness and practice both daily. Trim Healthy Mama is the eating plan I follow and its something you will read a lot about in my blog and on my facebook page. It has made such a positive change in my life and that of my family. Learning what foods are healthy and how to separate carbs and fats for weight loss has been monumental! THM helps fuel my life and I will be on this magnificent eating plan for the rest of my life. I say this with complete confidence!

Being a Christian wife and mother comes first in my life.


Next is my passion and love to help women feel beautiful, unique and motivated to be healthier in mind body and spirit.

My husband and I have never had it easy. We have been through a series of unique circumstances that have caused deep personal strife in our lives. Knowing who we did not want to become, we pushed forward. Seeing first hand what bitterness and anger could do, we chose to rise above. Together, hand in hand, with God by our side we overcame things some thought impossible. It is through these circumstances we have been refined.

Facing these circumstances we wanted to act with honestly and integrity. We have made genuine errors but many lessons we have learned. Make no mistake we are wiser for it. As we continue to dig out of the hole we found ourselves in our eyes will ever be focused on God and His beautiful plan for our future success. We face the world holding our heads high knowing what we have been through is no easy feat. We laugh and have hope for a bright and beautiful future. When all our lessons unravel they will help us build something incredible, lasting and strong.

These experiences have shaped me into the woman I am today. I have been forced to look deep within myself. I have had to change and re build the woman I was to be come the strong and courageous one I am learning to be today. With my focus on God, I gleaned so much from other Christian women who have been through hard times and come out the other side stronger and wiser. These women have helped play a pivotal role in my life. I know what pain, stress, anxiety, anger and despair feel like. I chose to overcome these things and want to help other women do the same.