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I use to write in a journal. I actually have three books full of my thoughts and feelings. I have gone back to read a few of my entries. Some are silly, some are sad, some happy, and others are there to mark important dates in my life.

I started the journals at my mothers request. She said it was important to document pieces of our lives. She often reminded us (my sister and I) that it would be fun to one day look back at the contents of those books and remember all the events. Somethings are so easily forgotten but then so easily recovered once we are reminded.

I stopped some years ago. It was right around when I started college. I guess all the homework and the job I worked had me to busy. It is a little sad though. Those were my life changing years. When I got my first job I also started college. That was also around the time I met my to-be-husband, Dustin. So  many wonderful things happened in those years and the sad part is some of those memories maybe lost forever. Thank goodness my husband has a good memory. Still, to be able to look back through those journals and read the emotion and feelings would have been a wonderful experience.

That is one of the reasons I created this blog. To document my life for me and my family to one day look back on.

Memories, thoughts and feelings are so important. They are my own. They are one of the things that sets me apart from everyone else. To be able to look back and feel what I felt again will be an amazing thing! I am excited for the day my children will be able to look back and see the things they put me through 😉 I am glad I can share it with them.

This blog is my new journal. I share it with you but I also share it for me. I love to write but I am not very good at it… yet! I want to learn better writing and communication skills so I can teach my children. I need to reach out of my comfort zone a little. This is my start!

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