6 Year Anniversary!

This August marks our six year Wedding Anniversary! Its amazing to look back and see all we have accomplished together!

A brand new house, two children, running and maintaining a business and years packed full of wonderful memories! I wouldn’t change a thing.


Dustin and I married at a young age but we feel blessed to have found each other so early in life. We were high school sweethearts but our story is unlike any you will ever hear.

Like I said, it starts in high school…

There was this boy, a very popular, cocky boy that seemed to get into mischief every now and then. He had long wavy, beautiful hair for a guy which I thought, to be quite honest, didn’t look good on him. He resembled Prince Charming in the movie Shrek.

prince charming

Yeah, but with brown hair.

He followed me around a lot. He would walk down the middle of the hallways so I had to move around him. He would also block doorways so I had to squeeze past. I tried to ignore him but he made it difficult. I though he was rude and arrogant and I wanted nothing to do with him! Insert a picture of me with my nose up in the air because that’s how I looked with him around. “How dare he! Just who does he think he is?!” These were the thoughts going through my head.

Now from Dustin’s point of view. “I’m gonna marry that girl some day. Its only a matter of time before I get her to see I’m the one for her!” Apparently he was telling everyone and their mother that he was going to marry me! And we weren’t even dating yet!

Anyway! Some where along the way he caught my attention in a good way. He ended up cutting that long hair off too 😉 He said had nothing to do with me not liking it… Ha ha, yeah right! All in all he was pretty sweet when I got to know him. He had dreams and ambitions plus he was already holding a steady job. When your seventeen and in high school THAT is a big deal!

I had my own dreams and ambitions along with a job so we had ways to relate and things to talk about.

After getting to know each other a little more he started walking me out to my car at the end of school and we would talk. We would talk until we were the only two left in the parking lot, then we would talk some more. It wasn’t stupid banter either, we actually discussed things. We weren’t all over each other, Dustin knew I wasn’t that type of girl. We didn’t start holding hands until we dated for a few months.

Dustin was always conscious of my feelings and respected my wishes. He wanted to move pretty fast with our relationship, obviously he was wanting to get married, but he knew to get me, slow was the selected pace.

After dating for a few months I knew his feelings were stronger than mine, that scared me. I liked Dustin immensely and I had so much respect for him. I didn’t want our relationship to go any farther until I knew I could match his feelings.

It was so hard to tell him I needed time to think. I could see how much it hurt him. Being the gentleman he was he obeyed my wishes without question. I cried the whole way home, my heart felt broken. I never stopped thinking about him, not once. I lasted two weeks before I realized I couldn’t do it. Someone was missing from my life, I felt like I lost my best friend. Not long after getting back together, we were engaged.

My most precious and important memories are shared with him. I am so blessed! I truly did marry my best friend!

As I said before there isn’t a thing I would change. We have been through thick and thin together. There is no one else I want to share this life with!

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