32 Week Appointment!

As each week slowly ticks by I become more and more excited! This week I got all my blood reports back and baby and I are about as healthy as can be at this point. I did a blood draw a few weeks apart and since the last draw my blood volume increased by a significant amount, which is normal and a must to support growing baby. The doctor said there was something unusual that happened between the draws though. I got a little nervous and he must have sensed that because he said it was a good unusual.

The word ‘unusual’ was still running around in my head so I wasn’t convinced until he explained. Apparently when your blood volume increases, most of the time it becomes deficient in some vitamins, like iron for example, but mine stayed exactly the same! He said that just proves that I am eating healthy and taking my vitamins πŸ˜€

I had to smile at that. I am often horrible at taking my vitamins but during this pregnancy I could feel my body really needed the extra help so I have been very diligent in taking them. And I have to add, the vitamins I take, are awesome!!!

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They are called SuperMom and everyone I know who takes them, pregnant or not, swears by them! I purchase them from http://www.beeyoutiful.com/Β and never let my supply run out.

I use to think that vitamins never did much for me and as a result, I never took them until after I had my first son. Its amazing what having a baby can take out of you. Literally.

Yes healthy food is a must but you still aren’t getting everything you need, and how could you?! You see the commercials on fruit, veggies, dairy and other foods. They tell you the amount you should eating daily to get all the vitamins/supplements that your body needs and its near impossible! So I think vitamins are a must and I highly recommend SuperMom πŸ˜‰

As far as my weight goes I am doing much better than with my first. This is huge for me as I didn’t want or need to gain all the weight I did last time. Its been helpful to know what to expect so keeping track of my weigh has been easier.

So far I have gained 33 pounds and as hard as it is to see that number on the scale its better than the 50 I was pushing last time. I still have roughly 7-8 weeks left but I don’t see myself gaining 17 pounds in that amount of time. I guess we’ll see what happens…

I am beginning to work on my get back in shape plans for after baby but I’ll share that with you in another post πŸ˜‰

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  1. Just be healthy. Lesley, don’t worry about the ‘weight’, that has been created by the media to hound celebrities for money. It takes 9 months to incubate & grow a baby, realistically, it takes at least that long for your body To get back to pre baby weight. Just enjoy your body & baby over next 2 years, be healthy & happy. That’s all that matters X X x when you are ready to slim down & you are motivated your body will remember & support your goal.

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