Sticks and stones.

All of us have had something hurtful said about us. It has cut us deep, it has brought tears, it has made us question who we are. I have been there.

My first reaction is anger, how dare they! That is so rude and uncalled for!

Then comes the pain. Is it true? Why would they say that about me?

Sweet friends, we are human, its okay that the comment hurt. It shows you have a heart, it shows you care.

But you must remember who you are.

Just because someone spoke it about you, doesn’t make it true.

Words do not change who you are, actions do.

Rise above the hurtful comments and prove that you are not the woman they say you are. Return the comment with kindness.

If you let these words get to you they will consume you, making you into someone you don’t want to be.

The only way I have been able to rise above is with prayer. Asking God to help me with the pain and help me become more. To believe His beautiful truths about me, not theirs.

Refuse to let hurtful comments change you.

Give the anger to God. Release the want to get back at them. That is NOT who you are.

Kill them with kindness. Smile, be helpful. Be the first to say hello, demonstrate love.


Its takes strength to be kind. Its not weakness. The weak prey on the strong. You will rise above.

Hate will not change a single soul. Love is what ignites feelings of change.

You know who you are. Be the strong courageous girl you want to be. Prove by being, by doing.

Their comments are a reflection of what is inside their hearts, And so are yours.

Be sure you are not making hurtful comments of others. Make sure you are not engaging in these hurtful acts. You know how it feels and you know they cant possibly understand the road you have traveled.

They will think things that are untrue and try to exploit you. No matter friends, God knows who you are, you know who you are, the people that really matter know who you are.

Forgive sweet friends. Its the only way to to be free of hate and bitterness. Its the only way to rise above.

Know your worth. Prove them wrong by kindness.

Let them see for themselves, they didn’t know the real you.