20 Pounds Down! My Postpartum, THM Journey.

This morning I woke up, got on the scale and saw that I have now lost a total of 20 pounds! This is while being four and half months postpartum with my second baby. I have been on Trim Healthy Mama for a total of 16 weeks (I started December 1st) and I can honestly say I LOVE this new way of eating!

Before Trim Healthy Mama (THM), I counted calories. I basically starved myself. There were days where my energy level was 0 and my calories were maxed out but I was still hungry! It was a daily battle trying to stay within my calories AND not feeling hungry at the end of the day. I had a lot of cheat days because I felt deprived of many kinds of foods. I hated it. But how was I suppose to lose the weight and maintain it?

I also did Weight Watchers for a while (after having my first child) and it worked. It worked because I ate the artificial butter and the nasty food that can hardly be called food. It worked for a while until it just didn’t anymore. Then I tried the 11 day diet which helped my weight move again but I was still hungry and deprived of good food. So I counted calories which gave me a little more freedom until I maxed out my intake, usually about half way through the day, and then I starved myself. Like I said, it was a constant struggle.

I am a medium sized girl, maybe a little more on the small side, and weight hasn’t been a hard struggle, just a struggle. Something that is on my mind constantly and I’m almost willing to do anything to lose weight and be fit and thin. Now that I have two little energetic boys, starving myself, just wasn’t an option. I had to have energy to keep up with them and I hate feeling tired and hungry!

After my second son was born (back in November 2013) I had a few postpartum pounds to lose. About 25 actually. I didn’t end up breastfeeding so I started to count calories about a month after our beautiful boy was born. My mother tried convincing me to try THM but when she explained it I thought she was crazy! It wasn’t something I was interested in at first. I started counting calories and I was hungry, crabby, tired and my weight went up, not down. I did it for two days and went back to my mom and said “okay, tell me more about THM!”

That, ladies, is when everything changed! My weight tends to fluctuate a little. My first week on plan I lost three to four pounds and then gained two of them back. “What!” I thought, “I knew this was to good to be true! All that hard work and I gain two back?!” I was pretty upset and considered quitting. Looking back that was silly of me. I continued on for another week and dropped those two pounds plus a little more! As I continued with the plan I found that my weight will do that. Go up a few pounds, stay there for a few days and then drop. Then I will gain, hold and drop again. All the while loosing inches and never looking like I gain anything back. It is an amazing thing.

Here are my progress photos thus far. The first is when I started in December. I was almost 1 month postpartum. The second photo is of me today!

12-17-13 009   3-16-14 002

I am now four and a half months postpartum and I can wear almost all my pre-baby clothing while exercising only three to four times a week. Another thing I love about THM is I don’t have to kill myself with my workouts. Right now I weigh five pounds more than I did when I got pregnant. This just amazes me! I had to work so unbelievably hard to get to that point with my first baby and with my second its going smoother and faster?! I never thought it possible! Once I lose those five  pounds I have another ten to go. I can hardly wait!

I can eat until I am full. I don’t have to worry about those darn calories. I feel so alive and full of energy! I want to share THM with the world! I’m in my mid twenties and can see myself following this plan for the rest of my life.

What my husband loves about me being on THM is that I can actually eat and eat with him! He use to worry about me not eating enough because he could see me hungry and void of energy. He loves me alive and full of spunk! And so do I 😉 I feed my husband quite a few of the meals and he loves that we can use the real stuff like butter, salt and steak! His favorite recipe out of the book would have to be the THM Pancakes on page 223. I now have the recipe memorized and make it every weekend morning for him!

My first born son, now almost four years old, loves the Basic Cheese Cake on page 373. He calls it cake. He also loves the Cottage Berry Whip on page 379. He calls that ice-cream!

I love that I can make these healthy meals and know my family is getting the nutrients they need. I cant wait till my youngest four month old baby starts eating so I can also train him in the THM way.

My words of advice for all you wonderful mamas out there is stick to the plan for a couple weeks before thinking about quitting. Don’t get discouraged when your weight pauses for a while, because in my experience your body is healing, building and pulling those damaged muscles back together. This is not a fast weight loss plan but it is a lasting one that will give you lasting results.

Secondly my advice is if you try a recipe and don’t end up liking it, try it again later. After being on plan for a while you decide what you like and don’t and you begin to learn how to tweak the recipes to satisfy your taste buds. For example: I made the Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie recipe on page 387 and really didn’t care for them at all. Then I found a post on Facebook, (because they have their own amazing page) of a woman who made the same recipe and described how good and soft and tasty they were. So, I went back and made the recipe again. This time I left out the cocoa (I’m not a huge cocoa fan) and they were amazing! So don’t write off a recipe until you have tried it a few times with your own tweaks 😉

Thirdly and lastly if you ever need any help or advice the lovely ladies on Trim Healthy Mama Facebook are encouraging and full of helpful information. I have posted my own Q’s there and get excellent help.

I am so excited about this plan and thank the good Lord for the wonderful sisters Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett, who have done such a wonderful job researching, teaching and helping us women. They truly are a blessing to so many women. Their personal relationship with Jesus Christ is so refreshing and has everything to do with their eating style. The book explains everything so well it is a must purchase if you are wanting to try this eating plan.

I will post again when I reach my goal weight. I can hardly wait 😀 Until then… best of luck ladies!

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