Messes and Tears

I sat my youngest on the potty to help him ‘go pee’ after he waited till the last minute. I was about to move him back further on his seat when he couldn’t hold it any longer. He tried to point down but pee splattered all over him, me and the bathroom.

“Gah!” I screamed.

I clinched my fists and wanted to yell. I looked down at my little boy and realized he was just as grossed out as me and sorry he had peed “eveywhere.” I was so glad I had taken a moment to look at his sweet face before I yelled. The anger turned to tears releasing my build up stress.

The night before he was sick and throwing up. Sick toddlers are desperate, innocent and so sad, also very very messy. My house was already in need of a good scrubbing, not to mention all the scrubbing I had done prior.

I wanted to yell “NO NOT ANOTHER MESS!” but was glad I held it in.

Clearly it wasn’t his fault. I was mad at the situation, not my son. I was exhausted from a long night but, so was he.

Its so easy to yell and lose my temper. I have many times with my kids, if I’m being completely honest. I hate myself every time I do and its a dreaded feeling that always sticks with me. I am getting better at taking a breath and showing patience. Still some days, like that day, its so easy to lose it.

I read the words of a women who I would consider and excellent mother. She said patients is something she has learned over time with her children. It wasn’t something that POOF she had. She learned it, just like you, just like me.

Like all mistakes in life we have feelings of failure, or other strong emotions that over take us when we know we have done something wrong.

I once read an article that said Satan is so happy when we yell at our children. This made me feel like the biggest failure of all.

When I would mess up and yell, I would picture God looking at me defeated and Satin looking at me as if he won. That article left horrid image in my head. I had to change it.

This feeling of failure is not of God. Yes Satan may like us to yell but that doesn’t mean we have failed. Failing means quitting, giving up, surrendering again and again to the emotions that hurt and destroy.

God isn’t standing over us shaking His head. Hes laying a hand on us saying I still love you, try again.

While we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

He’s not going to turn away when we mess up. He’s going to teach us how to better ourselves, pick ourselves up faster and keep fighting the good fight.

I believe in hell, I believe Satan is real but I will not allow him to occupy my thoughts. When I fall I won’t think Satan is very pleased right now. I will instead, pray, ask for forgiveness, the strength to make it right and try again.

May our thoughts ever focus on God. The God of hope, peace, love and all things good.

No more failures, just learning experiences and the chance to change and grow.

A beautiful praise song from Hillsong United comes to mind:

Mighty to Save:

Everyone needs compassion
A love that’s never failing
Let mercy fall on me
Everyone needs forgiveness
The kindness of a Savoir
The hope of nations
Savior he can move the mountains
My God is mighty to save
He is mighty to save
Forever author of salvation
He rose and conquered the grave
Jesus conquered the grave
So take me as you find me
All my fears and failures
Fill my life again
I give my life to follow
Everything I believe in
Now i surrender
Savior he can move the mountains
My God is mighty to save
He is mighty to save
Forever author of salvation
He rose and conquered the grave
Jesus conquered the grave

Blessings sweet mamas <3 Give yourself grace and know you are not in this alone.


New THM Recipe Wednesday! Part 4

This finishes off the last week of this new recipe everyday in June challenge! It was a blast and I found quite a few new recipes to add to my list of favorites.

What I learned:

Experimenting with new recipes is good and exciting. I needed to switch things up and add a little excitement back into my diet, this challenge accomplished just that! I am grateful for the many recipes THM offers and equally as grateful that they are quick and easy to whip up.

Last week Creations:

Strawberry Slushy (FP) page 372 of new THM cookbook. Instead of using plain old water as the recipe calls for, I used sparkling water and it added a little sizzle to this cool refreshing drink. It’s a great afternoon sipper and my kids absolutely loved it too ♡

lemon strawberry

Jigglegurt (FP) page 345 of THM cookbook. It’s made of water, Just Gelatin which is what makes it juggle 😉 Integral Collagen, Greek yogurt, sweetener, lemon juice and sweetener. It has a fun texture because of the gelatin but it doesn’t carry much flavor. I could always add a bowl of sweetened strawberries, which I’ll probably do next time. The recipe fills a quarter jar that I store in the fridge and it really does make a nice go to snack. Over all I like it but, I think the berries will help me love it.


Lemon Poppy Seed Breakfast Cookie (S Meal) recipe from All Day I Dream About Food on Pinterest found here. These are delish and so full of protein! I didn’t have the zest from a lemon but that would have made these even better! I didn’t put the glaze on either cause I’m lazy but all that aside they are a quick, easy, yummy treat!


Cauliflower Tots (S meal) from Pinterest found here. I could not stop eating these babies! Oh my gosh! Dipped in sugar-free ketchup they taste even better. I doubled the recipe to freeze some for later. I put all the ingredients into the blender and thought I might have gotten it to smooth. They are really smooth, if you want them more chunky I’d blend less or maybe use the beaters? They were wonderful though!


Single Serve Sugar Cookies (S Meal) from Pinterest found here. I loved this cookie even though it tore apart and didn’t stay together really well it was sweet and had the cookie texture. I switched the stevia for Truvia in the recipe and instead of cinnamon I sprinkled a little more Truvia on top. Single serve is nice because I can get carried away with these yummy desserts. Cookies are a weakness of mine so finding this gem was great!


Who says you can’t have cake and lose weight?! Well you can with THM thank goodness! Mini White Cake with Butter Cream Frosting (S meal) page 294 of the THM cookbook. Delicious and nutritious. It’s another single serve which means no getting carried away. There are a ton of these single serve type recipes in the THM cookbook.

white cake

French Toast in a Bowl (S meal) from Pinterest found here. Let me just say I am a french toast lover! Always have been, always will be. This recipe hits the spot and its easy to whip up and a lot less messy than the real sugar coated stuff. This was my morning breakfast and it was delicious!

french toast

Oat Flour Cake for One (option E or FP meal) from Pinterest found here. Its hard to come by an E dessert so that’s why I wanted to give this one a try. The texture was great but it really wasn’t full of flavor or sweetness like you’d expect a cake to be. It was filling, however, and if you like Greek yogurt you could easily top this with that.

e dessert

And that complete the June Challenge! Phew! It was a fun and tasty challenge but we are moving on to more exciting things soon! Come July I will be hosting my first every give away!!! Follow my very active facebook page to get involved and enter!

Click here to check out week 1, here to check out week 2 and here to check out week 3 of this new recipe everyday in June challenge!

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Whats the best way to get started with THM?

First off what are these crazy S, E and FP meals that we talk about whenever we talk 😉 Let me brake it down for you.

S means Satisfying, these are your full on fat meals! (S meals).

E is for Energizing, these are your healthy carb meals. (E meals).

FP means Fuel Pull, think of these as more of a snack. They get you from point A to point B without adding to many carbs or fats.

Now that you understand the type of meals I would head on over to the Trim Healthy Mama official Facebook page. There is so much to learn from other peoples posts and questions plus, you get a lot of yummy new recipes that people share!

Ordering the book is one of the most important next step that people try to overlook. Don’t! You need this book to fully understand this plan! Its not expensive and the life altering information and recipes (contained in the book on the right) will determine your success. The book on the left is a cookbook and one I also highly recommend!


Book on the right explains the plan and the humor and light hardheartedness these ladies have makes it fun. there are a ton of recipes in this book, that actually makes up half the book.

Cookbook on the left is full of simple, easy yummy recipes that really guide and lead you to success on this plan. To order these you can use my affiliate link which is free for your use, it only helps to support me and my blog, or you can simply visit their website.

Thirdly I would head on over to Pinterest and begin pinning S, E & FP meals! Start a THM board and go crazy! You don’t have to start when you get the book you simple begin now with what you have in your fridge and cupboards.

It is a slow process purchasing ingredients you will want and need to make some of the recipes but you will get there! Just pick a few recipes you want to try and slowly begin stocking your cupboards with new ingredients. Don’t get discouraged! Don’t let the fact that you have to order some of your food items, like their Pristein Whey Protein Powder, deter you from trying THM.

Next, while you are waiting for your fabulous life altering book to arrive, head over to this handy dandy post I wrote up for beginners just like you: Trim Healthy Mama for Beginners (pictures and links included). It has many resources and suggestions along with pictures of the items you will be searching for in your local grocery store. Yes, most of the items you will want to get started with are in your grocery store, you just gotta know where to look 😉

And lastly is to just begin. Know there is a learning curve to this and it will be a bit confusing at first, but that’s why I’m here! Ask me questions on my facebook page, which I am very active on, and I will get back to you asap with help, encouragement and answers.

If you are wondering how you are to structure your days with the S, E and FP meals you can look at some examples of these menus I have built. I am going to develop a THM menu to help newbies that don’t yet have the book yet. I’ll use recipes from Pinterest or ones I have created to help you along. For now the most important thing to remember is keeping your S and E meals three hours apart. FP meals fit in between S and E meals. I usually have one FP meal between lunch and dinner.

Its easy to overthink this trust me, I have done it myself, but it really is a simple easy way to eat and live. You just have to learn some new and interesting facts about food, how it effects you and how to build these slimming meals! I want you to succeed at this so again, if you have questions message me or comment on my facebook page. I love talking THM and would love to here from you!



New THM Recipe Wednesday! Part 3

Here we are in our last full week of the make a new recipe everyday in June challenge. Its gone rather quickly but I have loved most of the recipes I have tried. There are a few that will become new staples in me and my families diet.

Here’s this weeks new recipes:

Strawberry Muffin (FP) page 281 in new THM cookbook. This means you can have this as a snack or light dessert after and E or S Meal! It was good and rather filling. I loved the light strawberry taste too. My only change would have been to cook it in the oven instead of the microwave. It just doesn’t cook right unless it’s in the oven. Still it was a light tasty treat and you use the same bowl to mix and cook the muffin in. The special ingredient used was the THM baking blend.

strawberry muffin

Orange Sherbet Trim Freeze (FP) page 359 of THM cookbook. This seriously tastes like the Schwan’s man stopped by! Delicious! Who knew carrots and cottage cheese could taste like ice cream?

orange sher

Mufflets (S meal) page 237 of Trim Healthy Mama cookbook. The best thing about these is you can make them ahead of time, freeze them or keep them in your fridge for busy mornings. If you need an easy to-go breakfast item these omelet tasting mufflets would be a great option! I actually just kept mine in the fridge and they lasted four mornings worth of breakfast. It was really nice actually.


I combined these two recipes together as I skipped a day. I have Mama’s Famous Meatloaf (S Meal) page 157 and Cheesecake Berry Crunch (S Meal Dessert) page 352, both from the new Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. These are amazing! The Meatloaf is well flavored and it cooked in an hour. My husband raved about this meat loaf! The dessert was especially tasty and so stinkin easy to whip up! It’s got a little crunch from the nuts and it’s nice and cold from the frozen berries. My Aunt who follows my facebook page brought up a good point. There should have been a side salad served with the meat loaf. THM cant stress enough getting your fill of veggies with each meal! I didn’t because I had a salad just prior to my meal 🙂


Pretzel Sticks (FP) page 463 of the new THM cookbook. I’ve never been a pretzel lover so I’m probably not the right person to judge this… They are salty and bready but void of much flavor. It does have a bit of a yeast taste due to the nutritional yeast added. I dipped them in Honey Mustard Dressing from page 472 and it added a nice flavor. All in all it was okay? But like I said I’m not a pretzel fan so please try it out before passing it by 🙂


Microwave Almond Crackers from Pinterest (S Meal). These were perfect! It’s three ingredients that you mix, roll out on parchment paper and microwave! Tada! Crunchy and salty they worked great as cheese and crackers but its a much healthier alternative. Click here for the recipe.


Click here to check out week 1 and here to check out week 2 of this new recipe everyday in June challenge!

Follow me on my facebook page if you are interested in being part of this! As I stated in my previous post I would love for you to post picture of THM food you have tried and loved or share new recipes you have created!

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Till next Wednesdays update, blessings!

Subs for Soda

I have loved and tasted the sweet nectar of soda. Its cool refreshing bubbliness. When I tried to diet I would drink the diet stuff knowing it wasn’t any better for me.

When I started Trim Healthy Mama, soda, because of its sugar content was a big no no. Even the diet stuff was off plan because of the chemicals.

I did end up giving up soda BUT I found recipes to replace them! That is what I am going to share here with you today. That is the beautiful thing about THM, they have replacements for just about everything!

The first two recipes are found in the New Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. I wouldn’t be sharing these recipes with you if they hadn’t personally made them public. I in no way want to infringe upon their hard work but, because they are so sweet, they willingly make a few of their recipes public. Thank you ladies!

The first is my absolute favorite!

Good Girl Moonshine (non-alcoholic):

I drink this daily and the health benefits are amazing! Its filling and you can make it just about any flavor you want by using extracts (Watkins is my favorite brand). When starting out I suggest using one to two tablespoons of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) but 4 tablespoons is your goal 🙂 Enjoy!

Next is Trim Healthy Mama’s Trim Pop. Simple, cold, crisp and refreshing. Pour all the ingredients into your glass and off you go! This recipe is in the New THM cookbook but they posted it on their official Facebook page found here.

Trim pop (FP, Sipper)

1/2 lemon (juice of or 1 Tbsp of lemon concentrate)

1/2 lime (juice of or 1 Tbsp of lime concentrate)

2 doonks THM Pure Stevia Extract Powder (or sweetener of choice)

12 ounces sparkling water


Instructions: Squeeze juice into large glass or jar, add sweetener and stir. Add several large ice cubes, fill with sparkling water, DONE! Cheers to your health and summer!

Variations: If you wanted to make it favored you could add cherry, strawberry or even root-beer extract!

Below are some other suggestions I found on Pinterest. They are not all THM approved but you might find them helpful and satisfying anyway:

4 Waters So Tasty You’ll Want To Skip The Soda! Link here.

simply made










Three Healthy Alternatives to Soda. Link here.











I hope this helps you kick the soda habit! If you have any other recipes or suggestions please share 🙂

Blessings sweet friends!